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Match Report - South Island Championship Rd 1

posted 27 Jan 2014, 11:18 by Steven Gaskell

This was a late change of venue to Lake Hutchinson due to the Match organizer spending 10 hours of practice on North End for an end result of not having a bite , so 7 of us arrived at the venue all eager to start fishing before the match we re-introduced the Golden Peg  ( the anglers who want to participate in this submit a $2 coin into the kitty a peg is drawn before anyone else draws, today Bill drew for us peg 7, this then goes back in the hat to be re-drawn which ever angler draws peg 7  he is on the golden peg if he wins the match the money in the kitty then goes to him, if he does not then it goes onto the next match and so on , any angler can join in at any stage if the kitty builds up to a maximum of $50 because no one has won a  match on the golden peg then a second golden peg will be drawn )


Don’t worry the golden peg was safe today as I drew it and came nowhere !!!!


So the draw was made as I said I drew peg 7 ,Steve was next to me on peg 8 , both of us on the roadside, over on the point/island was Tony who drew Mr. Grabtree’s peg (like a mill pond all match and surrounded by weed)next to him was Ray on the point going around from him was Ian, Dean and Bill.


The whistle went Tony "quick fire" Cooper got off to his usual blistering start he was the first to catch a fish ( mind you he was the only one fishing as everyone else was still setting up rigs and mixing groundbait). Steve "the Magician" Gaskell and myself both started fishing at around 11metres me not a bite for 2 hours, Steve 3 fish in the first 3 put ins, as the match progressed so did the wind it was like fishing the sea except for Mr. Grabtree’s peg of course.


Ray "the lunch break" Bricknell then started to have a couple of fish I think his third one must have been a monster because after that one he needed to turn around and have a break to eat some lunch and have a drink !!!! it worked a treat because he caught another one straight away after he had finished his break.


Then Tony with a couple of hours to go started playing to his audience he had a lady and gentlemen watching him fish and off course "quick fire" caught a nice Tench. The lady looked at the fish and stated how ugly it was Tony then looked at the fish ,took a second glance at the lady looked back at the fish (we all know what he was thinking that the fish was indeed better looking). In fact she got so close to Tony ,Steve commented the thought he was going to throw her into his keepnet and weigh her in later.


Although the weights were low this was anyone’s  match right up until the last minute, a  20 minute spell of catching some fish would be enough to win and so it proved. This is why I called Steve "the magician" earlier, as in the last hour of fishing in something resembling the  North Sea, presentation was impossible due to an seriously gusty Nor Wester. Somehow Steve managed to catch 3 fish in the last 15 minutes when I couldn’t even hold my pole ( perhaps I need to put on some weight). This provided him a total weight of 22lb 14oz and first place, second was Ray with 19lb 15oz, third Tony with 16lb11oz (no humans were weighed in) and fourth Ian Alty with 9lb 10oz (I will think of a nickname for him soon).


Everyone caught  fish, the complete match results are on the in the match results page (click here).


I must finish with a shout out to Dean "I found some loose change in my car" Sole as he sat there for the whole match biteless with 2 minutes to go, got a bite and landed a Tench of 2-11-0...Well done Dean !!!!



Gary Dallimoore