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Match Report - Canterbury Open 2014

posted 27 Jan 2014, 23:56 by Gaskit

Truckloads of tench at Canterbury Open!!

The 6th annual Canterbury Open Coarse Fishing Champs was held at the end of January withtwo Nelson based anglers, Dave Dixon and Pete Bowden, joining 11 keen locals for two days of competition at Lake Rotokahatu.

The fishing had been very good in the lead-up to the event with pegs 7, 8, 39 and 41 the pre-match favourites. Peg 41 was also drawn as the Golden Peg, and when this was plucked out of the draw bag by Tony Cooper the chances of a pay-day were high. Steve Gaskell looked to be a threat on peg 39, and with Dave Dixon on 38 and Dean Sole on 37 it had the makings of a real “section of death”.

Across the lake, last year’s champion Gary Dallimore was well-placed on end peg 16, with Julian Barnett drawing 8 and Ray Bricknell 7, but it was visiting angler Pete Bowden who took everyone by surprise by hauling out 91lb from unfancied peg 14, and he would have easily cracked the tonwere it not for a large number of fish lost in the underwater snags. Barnett bucked the bait trend and fished luncheon meat to claim second in section with 77lb while Dallimore was just a couple of fish behind with 71lb. Jason Pullan chose to fish feeder on peg 15 but was busy enough netting 51lb, while the two top end pegs were relatively quiet, Ray Bricknell the best with 33lb off peg 7.

Surprisingly,  the early action in B section came from the middle pegs with Dixon and Sole in a fish-for-fish battle. Cooper had a brief run of fish on 41 but then his peg dried up, while Gaskell couldn’t even buy a bite on the usually reliable peg 39.  For some reason the hot pegs went coldand it was Dixon who took out the section with an excellent 88lb. Sole was safe in second with 75lb and Cooper third with 40lb. Tom Barker (peg 36) put 35lb on the scales to hold off Dave Merrit (peg 42) with 31lb.

An air of excited anticipation surrounded the draw on Sunday. The lake was fishing the best ever known with any peg capable of winning and the Golden Peg was still in at a new total of $75!

First day winner Pete Bowden found himself on end on Peg 16 in A section, with Dixon at the opposite end on peg 6. Julian Barnett was happy to draw Peg 8 for the second time and knew exactly where to find the fish. Dean Sole had also drawn in A section so the individual title would be fought out on the trees side of the lake.

In B section, Steve Gaskell and Tony Cooper both moved one peg to their left, Ian Alty sat on 41 and Gary Dallimore had to face the forecast northerly storm on peg 34. Luckily, the bad weather didn’t appear but as the breeze turned from north to south the lake went flat and bites became very picky. Things did pick up again towards the end of the match and Dallimore made the most of a frantic last 30 minutes to finish with 68lb and surge past Gaskell for the section win. Steve’s 55lb just edged Tom Barker on peg 42 with 54lb. Again the “flyers” flopped with only 30lb coming off 39 and 41 combined.

Over in A section, the bottom end returned lower weights  than the previous day with Pete Bowden 53lb, Dean Sole 45lb and Ray Bricknell 24lb totalling just over half of Saturday’s catch. Up at the top end however thing were different. Jason Pullan put 38lb on the scales from peg 7 but any fish entering his peg were being picked off by Dave Dixon and Julian Barnett to each side! Dixon’s 80lb looked impressive but when Barnett hauled his bulging keepnet from the water it was game over! After three weighs his total of 109lbs was just 3 or 4 fish short of the lakerecord (taken in a seven hour match) but easily enough to win the section leaving both anglers onthree points. So once again the championship was decided on weight count-back, and for the third year in a row Dixon found himself second best!

Pete Bowden and Gary Dallimore were next, tied on four points, but third place overall went to the Nelsonian by 144lb to 140lb. Dean Sole claimed 5th position and 23 year old Tom Barker 6th.The anglers below were hurt by the draw bag more than anything else as any of them could have made it onto the podium with a little more lady luck on their side.

Once again Lake Rotokahatu has proved itself to be the best tench fishery in New Zealand, and quite possibly the world. An incredible total of 1244lbs of tench were caught and released over the weekend at an average of almost 48lb per man per match!  This picturesque lake is very well-managed, with crystal clear water, healthy aquatic plant growth and abundant bird life, and huge credit goes to the North Canterbury Fish and Game Council, Christchurch City Council and the Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club who have worked together so creatively for the benefit of the angling community.  



Dave Dixon

Match Report - South Island Champs, Rd 2

posted 27 Jan 2014, 11:20 by Gaskit

Steve “the magician” Gaskell fails to pull a rabbit out of the hat in Round 2 of the South Island 
Championship at North End and after a good start the fish seemed to disappear quickly! 
Following a successful session at the venue a week ago by “Team Gold Card” member Tony Cooper, 
the assembled cast for this match gathered in keen anticipation, not only for some good fishing but 
also weather wise. The forecast was for a high of 26 degrees with a North Easterly wind predicted to 
change to a light Southerly later in the day. However, what transpired was completely different in 
terms of weights and climatic conditions! 
Prior to the draw, Steve Gaskell and Gary Dallimore were heard conspiring over bait and groundbait 
tactics (something fishy here). As usual, Tony “quick fire” Cooper drew No. 1 with Dean “I found 
some loose change in my car” Sole opting to fish a relatively unknown peg and Steve “the magician” 
Gaskell and Gary “13 metre” Dallimore fishing the west bank on adjacent pegs (in fact I wouldn’t be 
surprised to see these two invest in a double seatbox or possibly a couch sometime soon to enable 
them to fish even closer together!). Steve even drew the “Golden Peg” and so was all set up for a big 
pay day. I, together with Ian “the gent” Alty decided on the south bank which was to prove a big 
mistake later on as the wind changed to gusty North to North Westers (making up “in the water” 
tactics difficult) with temperatures soaring into the 30’s. Jason “I missed the draw again” Pullan 
completed the line up (I think fishing somewhere on the west bank). 
Steve, Tony, Dean and Gary were all quickly into fish and I struggled for the first hour and a half 
without a fish landed (after changing to fishing on the deck for the last hour bites came steadily 
but the final whistle came even quicker!). Ian was steadily into fish, albeit on the small side. Later on 
Tony hooked and landed a large perch and was heard to comment that he couldn’t get two hands 
round it – we think he was talking about the fish! As reported earlier, Steve got off to a flyer but 
failed to deliver on his quick start. Tony and Gary caught steadily all day but could not match the 
form found by current Club Champion Dean who came out on top of the pile by answering his critics 
– well done Dean. Tony and Gary finished joint second (might be an idea to check those scales) with 
Ian fourth, myself fifth and Steve a disappointing sixth. Jason gallantly brought up the rear. The 
overall points situation for the South Island Championship has now closed up dramatically and it will 
be “all on” in the last round at Rotokahatu on March 30th. 

News Flash: 

“Team Gold Card” members wish all you youngsters every success in your working careers and keep 
on contributing to the standard of luxury to which we are accustomed!! 

Ray Bricknell 

Match Report - South Island Championship Rd 1

posted 27 Jan 2014, 11:18 by Gaskit

This was a late change of venue to Lake Hutchinson due to the Match organizer spending 10 hours of practice on North End for an end result of not having a bite , so 7 of us arrived at the venue all eager to start fishing before the match we re-introduced the Golden Peg  ( the anglers who want to participate in this submit a $2 coin into the kitty a peg is drawn before anyone else draws, today Bill drew for us peg 7, this then goes back in the hat to be re-drawn which ever angler draws peg 7  he is on the golden peg if he wins the match the money in the kitty then goes to him, if he does not then it goes onto the next match and so on , any angler can join in at any stage if the kitty builds up to a maximum of $50 because no one has won a  match on the golden peg then a second golden peg will be drawn )


Don’t worry the golden peg was safe today as I drew it and came nowhere !!!!


So the draw was made as I said I drew peg 7 ,Steve was next to me on peg 8 , both of us on the roadside, over on the point/island was Tony who drew Mr. Grabtree’s peg (like a mill pond all match and surrounded by weed)next to him was Ray on the point going around from him was Ian, Dean and Bill.


The whistle went Tony "quick fire" Cooper got off to his usual blistering start he was the first to catch a fish ( mind you he was the only one fishing as everyone else was still setting up rigs and mixing groundbait). Steve "the Magician" Gaskell and myself both started fishing at around 11metres me not a bite for 2 hours, Steve 3 fish in the first 3 put ins, as the match progressed so did the wind it was like fishing the sea except for Mr. Grabtree’s peg of course.


Ray "the lunch break" Bricknell then started to have a couple of fish I think his third one must have been a monster because after that one he needed to turn around and have a break to eat some lunch and have a drink !!!! it worked a treat because he caught another one straight away after he had finished his break.


Then Tony with a couple of hours to go started playing to his audience he had a lady and gentlemen watching him fish and off course "quick fire" caught a nice Tench. The lady looked at the fish and stated how ugly it was Tony then looked at the fish ,took a second glance at the lady looked back at the fish (we all know what he was thinking that the fish was indeed better looking). In fact she got so close to Tony ,Steve commented the thought he was going to throw her into his keepnet and weigh her in later.


Although the weights were low this was anyone’s  match right up until the last minute, a  20 minute spell of catching some fish would be enough to win and so it proved. This is why I called Steve "the magician" earlier, as in the last hour of fishing in something resembling the  North Sea, presentation was impossible due to an seriously gusty Nor Wester. Somehow Steve managed to catch 3 fish in the last 15 minutes when I couldn’t even hold my pole ( perhaps I need to put on some weight). This provided him a total weight of 22lb 14oz and first place, second was Ray with 19lb 15oz, third Tony with 16lb11oz (no humans were weighed in) and fourth Ian Alty with 9lb 10oz (I will think of a nickname for him soon).


Everyone caught  fish, the complete match results are on the in the match results page (click here).


I must finish with a shout out to Dean "I found some loose change in my car" Sole as he sat there for the whole match biteless with 2 minutes to go, got a bite and landed a Tench of 2-11-0...Well done Dean !!!!



Gary Dallimoore

Match 4 - Twilight Dip Trophy

posted 27 Jan 2014, 11:17 by Gaskit

Hi All,


With 15 anglers fishing the twilight  Dip it came Down to a lucky draw for Steve Gaskell, with only two numbers left in the bag up and coming angler Steve Gaskell pulled out 41 the hottest peg on the lake and left me with a bad peg.


Peg 41 has fished well for the last two years and has been good for Garry Dallimore winning several matches from it at various times.


Steve got of to a slow start but was soon on the phone to Garry to ask for a few pointers as how to fish the peg.With advise taken Steve soon got into the fish and continued  to catch all through the match.


As you will see from the results for the day, Steve took the win with in excess of 67lb with great backing weights and a total for the anglers of over 424lb with two anglers not weighing in their catch.


So well done Garry and Steve for a good Win. Last seasons top two anglers Dean Sole and Ray Bricknell are finding it hard to keep up. I know Dean has three children now, maybe that has taken it's toll on him, and Ray maybe you should upgrade your gold card.


P.S. After writing this i have moved to Australia for fear of retribution.


Tony Cooper

Match Organiser


Notes from the president and website publisher:


I have to point out the previous three matches where Tony and I have been the last two pegs in the draw bag. Tony has taken the best of them each time. So it was a pleasant change to get the better of him! 


You would have thought with gold cards in hand these other guys would have spent enough time on the venues we fish to not allow us younger lads a chance...more practise!

Canterbury Open Championship 2011

posted 18 Dec 2011, 18:31 by Gaskit

Lake Rotokahatu in Christchurch played host to the Canterbury Open Coarse Fishing Championship early last month, and once again the competition weekend coincided with peak spawning time for the resident tench!
This meant the fish’s priority was nookie rather than nosh, and catches were much lower than we know the venue is capable of producing.
Due to the upcoming Trans-Tasman and NZ Nationals in mid February 2012 a number of the regular visitors held off attending the event.
Therfore with a relatively low number of anglers taking part this year the pegs were divided into just two sections.
The first section (A sec) being along the productive western bank and the second section (B sec) along the eastern side in an area recently repaired by the city council after the earthquakes had casued approximatley 100m of bank to make it's way into the lake!
The second section had never been fished before under match conditions and so its potential was pretty much unknown, but with a row of willow trees poking out of the water at 20m it looked fishy enough.
Surprisingly, it was the new bank that fished better and apart from Paul Senior’s match winning 36lb 3oz from Peg 16 on day one the next three best weights came from B section: Dave Dixon 35lb 15oz (Peg 35), Ray Bricknell 33lb 8oz (Peg 34) and Dean Sole 28lb 5oz (Peg 33). Steve Gaskell took second in A section with 18lb 7oz from Peg 7, and Tony Cooper third with 16lb 12oz from Peg 8.
Unfortunately, the big girls really switched off overnight and catches were disappointing on day 2: Paul Senior made it a double match win with his 46lb 5oz from Peg 33 and Dave Dixon also secured 2 section points with 31lb 14oz from Peg 7.
Matt Sellen took third on the day (26lb 8oz – Peg 10) with the same draw from the first day Matt was pretty quick to pick where the fish would be sitting. Steve Gaskell took fourth (22lb 14oz – Peg 15) from the previous days blanking peg, so good to see the fish moving in overnight. Only two other anglers made it into double figures on day 2.
Paul Senior (West Auckland), Dave Dixon and Steve Gaskell (both CFFC) took out the top three placings overall but another two Auckland anglers filled fourth and fifth spots making the North v. South contest a very close affair: Both teams scoring 14 points but South just coming out on top with a combined weight of 152lb 6oz to the North’s 151lb 2oz.
So the next big event is the Trans-Tasman, and we can be sure the fish will not be spawning, so the weights will hopefully be well up on this weekend.

Trans Tasman 2011 Championship

posted 4 May 2011, 18:13 by Gaskit

19 New Zealand anglers, one of the largest travelling teams for many years, journeyed to Lake Hume near Albury, NSW, early last month for our annual Trans Tasman championship, but just getting to the bank was a mission for the Kiwi contingent as our two minivans towing trailer loads of gear first crunched nose to tail on the six hour drive from Sydney, causing significant damage but luckily no injuries, then became stuck in sand on the lake shore on the first day of practice!
Everyone was relieved to finally draw their peg for the first day’s match, and as the starting whistle sounded hopes were high of good catches of hard fighting Aussie carp.
After the opening feed barrage of groundbait and corn via the catapult we all sat back to await the action. A slow start was not unexpected following such bank side disturbance, but it was 90 minutes until the fish turned up. First to catch was Aucklander Dennis Brewin on the favoured end peg A1, then the Aussie to my right started picking up fish on the feeder cast 50-60m out into the huge lake. I wasn’t concerned that he was fishing at a greater distance than me as I felt sure my bed of feed at 40m would attract the fish and hold them once they arrived, but just to make sure I fired a few balls of groundbait out at long range and followed it with the occasional cast.
Carp being carp, however, sometimes decide to do their own thing, and it soon became clear that they weren’t shifting but instead got their heads down in the Aussie’s swim. I did latch into fish of my own at intervals over my baited area but I was falling behind and there seemed nothing I could do about it. To help even the match up A1 was still catching well, but Wellington’s Andy Deamer on A5 was still fishless after 5 hours! In the dying stages a few fish moved in close to the 20m waggler line, and Andy finally had a run of fish, but at the weigh-in the Aussie on A4 had whipped us all with a total catch of 46kg. Second in our section was the Dennis on A1 with 33kg and I was third with just 17kg. Further up the ten peg section catches had reduced markedly, and two of our top anglers had managed just one fish between them! Despite this, New Zealand came out on top in A section, scoring 25 points to Australia’s 33. Unfortunately, the other three sections all went in favour of the home side and at the end of the first day Australia had a solid 30 point lead.
As expected, catches on Day 2 were better. In fact enormously better with 2231kg of fish caught compared to 314kg on the first day! As often happens, the carp had moved in over the bait during the night and were waiting for us as the whistle sounded. I had drawn Peg 10 in C section and all anglers were quickly into fish. For the first two hours it was furious, fish-a-chuck action close in on the waggler, but as the wind and tow got up around mid-day I found bait presentation became difficult and my catch rate slowed. Fish were still coming regularly however, and at around 1.5-2kg each the weight was steadily building. With an hour to go I spotted a turtle poking its head above the water directly in front of me. I thought nothing of it at the time but was later told that the fish don’t like turtles and can often leave the swim. With just three fish in the last 60 minutes something was clearly not right, especially as others were still catching frequently.
The weigh-in took a long time! Peg 1 put 41kg on the scales and similar weights were recorded all along the bank. Aucklander Steve Raven on C8 hauled out two bulging keepnets to record 74kg and win the section. My 63kg was good enough for second place. Once again, we had bettered the Aussies in our section, but as on the first day all the others went against us, Australia winning the day by 13 points and the Trans Tasman Championship by 43 points. Individually, my five section points placed me 5th overall and best of the NZ anglers.
Everyone was grateful for a rest day on Friday with the Australian National Champs was scheduled for the weekend, and I’ll write a separate report on that event.
Dave Dixon with a couple of nice Aussie Carp....

Canterbury Open Championship 2010

posted 7 Feb 2011, 14:22 by Gaskit

The tench in Lake Roto were in an obliging mood for the Canterbury Open in early December with good bags caught all around the lake over the two days of competition.
The venue itself was also in splendid shape after much work thinning some of the bank side trees and construction of several fishing platforms by the Christchurch City Council. With input and funding contributions from North Canterbury Fish and Game and the Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club this project serves as a shining example of what can be achieved by all parties working together to develop a recreational opportunity for the community.
The first day of competition saw anglers tested by a stiff northerly wind, but as often happens on this lake the fish moved close in to the windward shore and fed well. Top weight on the day was 46lbs 12oz by local angler Ray Bricknell fishing Peg 30 on the Causeway, just ahead of Nelson’s Dave Dixon with 44lb 2oz from Peg 24. Third was Steve Gaskell with 34lbs 15oz (Peg 28), Tony Cooper was fourth with 34lb 7oz (Peg 7), and Australian visitor Bob Dimmack fifth with 33lb 5oz from the fancied Peg 32.
As usual in two-day events the leader board was determined on section points, and it was noteworthy that Canterbury Club members filled the top eight positions at the end of the first day with anglers from the club winning and placed second in all four sections!
Sunday dawned much calmer and fishing conditions were much more comfortable for the 17 competitors. Once more the fish were eager to feed and Tony Cooper put together an excellent match-winning catch of 58lbs 8oz from Peg 8 in the Trees. Second again was Dave Dixon with 48lbs 12oz (Peg 7), and Andy Deamer from Wellington was third with 39lb 8oz from Peg 20. Bob Dimmack had the advantage of fishing hot Peg 32 again but could only manage fourth place with 33lb 9oz, just ahead of local angler Dean Sole’s 33lb 1oz net from Peg 25.
The overall championship was claimed by Tony Cooper on two section points, winning the tie break from Dean Sole (also 2 points)on total weight. Dave Dixon took third place with 3 section points, then came four anglers on 4 points separated by aggregate weight: Ray Bricknell (70lb 15oz), Bob Dimmack (66lb 14oz), Steve Gaskell (65lb 2oz), and Gary Dallimore (39lb 1oz).
The value of local knowledge was clearly shown by Canterbury Club members filling eight of the top 10 positions, and this also meant that the inaugural North v. South Cup was easily won by the South by 14 points to 33.

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