About Us

The Club was officially formed in 1992 because of an increasing interest in Coarse Fishing being available in Christchurch/Canterbury. Prior to 1992 there had been six anglers whom had been fishing in and around the Christchurch area for a number of years.
It was decided by these anglers that it was time to start up a club and be officially recognised by North Canterbury Fish and Game Council. Coarse Fishing was already recognised and legal in the Auckland/Waikato region but there were no specific rules and regulations recognising Coarse Fishing in our area.
To get the club up and going with more members we contacted a local paper (Christchurch Star),  about writing  an article on Coarse Fishing on the clubs behalf. In June 1994 the article was published along with a photo of John Wray and Les Hogbin fishing in Horseshoe Lake. There was a contact phone number for anyone interested in joining the club and increasing the membership base.
We had about twenty people make contact. A Committee was set up based on the Auckland Clubs organisations. We then made contact with North Canterbury Fish and Game and DOC. Both these organisations were initially wary of Coarse Fishing but after  a few presentations/meetings on Coarse Fishing by the club we answered their concerns.
Where are we now?
At the time of writing this (May 2010) we are some 80 members strong with a committee of 6 covering the main areas of the clubs operation. the number of waters available is on the increase with lots of hard work and effort being put in by the committee and members providing historical information.
The official venues available to the club has now grown quite dramatically over the past 12months with 6 new waters being recognised by Fish & Game across the region. This is a huge achievement for the club and more so the sport nationally.
The club has a schedule of events throughout the year of which members can choose which they attend and for those more match orientated anglers.... Matches are organised on a regular basis and vary from short afternoon sessions, full 6hr matches, right through to the special events whcih are eagerly awaited by numerous members each year.
As well as matches the club carry out a number of organised working bee events throughout the year to maintain and improve our waters to ensure the venues continue to go from strength to strength! These days are so much more than a 'working bee' they are seen as a great social event for the members to get together and tell a few stories, of which always end in a fit of laughter!!
On the wider front the club has members attend a varitey of national and international events including the Trans Tasman (NZ/Australia), with the event being held in the repesctive countries alternativly each year. The club this year sent a team to compete in the teams contest in which Canterbury came a very respective 2nd overall! Next year Auckland....!
We have also had representation in the World Championships in 2009 with Dave Dixon being selected to fish in the tournement as part of the New Zealand team, we finished 35th overall and importantly we beat the Australians!