Thermal Patio Door Drapes - Bulb Shade.

Thermal Patio Door Drapes

thermal patio door drapes
    patio door
  • A mainly glass door that opens onto a patio, deck or backyard of a house. The door panel is comprised of stiles, rails and glass to allow for viewing. Originally homeowners asked for glass doors from a glazer, or someone who handles glass.
  • (Patio Doors) Sliding glass doors, often used for access to a deck or terrace.
  • (Patio Doors) Practically maintenance free never needs painting. Perfect for engineering tight seals that prevent leaky drafts, helping keeping heating and cooling costs low. Constructed with the quality craftsmanship you expect from Atrium these doors are a wise decision for any homeowner.
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thermal patio door drapes - Wide Width
Wide Width Grommet Top Thermal Blackout Curtain 100"W X 84"L Panel - Navy - BWW
Wide Width Grommet Top Thermal Blackout Curtain 100"W X 84"L Panel - Navy - BWW
Bring warmth and style to your home with high-quality wide width grommet top blackout window curtain panel. The grommet top adds a modern touch and provides energy efficient comfort. It features innovative fabric construction. Compare to the other curtains, our product is extremely SOFT and DRAPERY. The sophisticated designs allow you to decorate your windows with great styles. Great for patio door or extra large windows. Blackout is perfect for : Late sleepers Shift workers Seniors Infants & parents Students Computer operators Care instruction : -Machine wash warm with like colors. -Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. -Tumble dry low. -Warm iron as needed

86% (11)
White Framed Patio Doors
White Framed Patio Doors
These standard patio doors will fit in any home! They provide an optimum view, allowing the whole wall to act similar to a window. These doors provide easy access to the backyard and are perfect for entertaining!
Andersen Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door
Andersen Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door
Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door, White Interior, Specified Equal Light Grille Pattern (2 wide x 3 tall), Encino Hardware in Distressed Bronze Finish, Transoms

thermal patio door drapes
thermal patio door drapes
Fireside Floral Pinch Pleated 96-Inch-by-84-Inch Patio Door Thermal Insulated Drapes, Linen
Fireside Pinch Pleated Floral Foamback Thermal Insulated Pair Of Patio Door Drape Panels--Change and improve the look and feel of any room with a set of Fireside Pinch Pleated Floral Curtains. Made with a 100% cotton face and 80% acrylic/ 20% cotton foam back you are sure to get a curtain that’s both beautiful and functional. The 100% heavyweight soft cotton face creates a smooth draping effect and softer texture that sometimes can't be achieved with inferior synthetic fabrics. Constructed into the curtain is a thermal insulated foam back. The benefits to you are improved light blocking and insulating qualities that save energy and money year round. Thermal insulating curtains hold drafts and help keep out the cold while holding in the heat during the winter months keeping you warmer. During the summer months they block the suns rays and keep the heat out while holding the air conditioning in keeping you cooler. The pre gathered pleated curtains are easily hung on a drapery or traverse rod with drapery rings and pinch clips or drapery hooks. Length is measured overall 84 inches from top of curtain to bottom. Width is measured overall 96 inches per pair of panels (both patio door 48-inch panels together) Made in the USA, Dry clean only