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Shade Clothing Swim

shade clothing swim
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shade clothing swim - Columbia Boys
Columbia Boys 2-7 White Hunter Short, Blade, 7
Columbia Boys 2-7 White Hunter Short, Blade, 7
The Columbia White Hunter Short will keep your son comfortable in the water and on the beach this summer. With Omni-Shade sun protection and quick-drying nylon material, these shorts prevent lobster-colored thighs and will be dry for the car ride home.

Product Features
Material: [short] nylon Perfecta; [liner] polyester mesh
Inseam: 2.5 in
Leg Width:
Waist: elastic
Gusseted Crotch:
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating: 30
Pockets: 1 side
Recommended Use: swimwear
Manufacturer Warranty: limited lifetime

83% (13)
Summer Cool Down
Summer Cool Down
I could probably have taken a million photos without any trouble. The murals, the sun and shade, the colored awnings, the water and fountains - it was beautiful! But just as I was warming up to the scene and my subjects, the pool matron came over and told me to stop photographing because I was BREAKING THE LAW! Very scary, huh? I must look even more like a total perv than the rest of the adoring moms there, even thought I had more teeth and fewer tats than nearly everyone. Also, I had no items of camoflague clothing (the camo bikini seemed especially popular) so I was REALLY sticking out. Maybe if I'd stuffed MY flubber into some camo hotpants with my thigh dagger tattoos and my tramp stamp peeking out I'd have been invisible to her? Who knows.
Dolls. (Series Preview, Temporary Awful Picture!)
Dolls. (Series Preview, Temporary Awful Picture!)
medium: ink 18"X24" each. In my portfolio, I needed more still lives and such so what better thing to use than my retro inspired wardrobe. I challenged myself with using pieces that had intricate details such as ruffles and complex patterns. I will have a better picture up later along with good close ups on each but for now this will do. By the way, does anyone have any suggestions or tools on how to photograph work so every piece's negative space is the same shade of white? This goes from white to green, red to green haha.

shade clothing swim