Ice Blue Drapes

ice blue drapes
  • Adorn, cover, or wrap (someone or something) loosely with folds of cloth
  • (drape) curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  • (drape) the manner in which fabric hangs or falls; "she adjusted the drape of her skirt"
  • Arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something
  • (drape) arrange in a particular way; "drape a cloth"
  • Let (oneself or a part of one's body) rest somewhere in a casual or relaxed way
  • Blue color or pigment
  • Blue clothes or material
  • blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"
  • turn blue
  • A blue uniform, or a person wearing a blue uniform, such as a police officer or a baseball umpire
  • of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky; "October's bright blue weather"- Helen Hunt Jackson; "a blue flame"; "blue haze of tobacco smoke"
  • Decorate (a cake) with icing
  • cause to become ice or icy; "an iced summer drink"
  • Kill
  • frost: decorate with frosting; "frost a cake"
  • Clinch (something such as a victory or deal)
  • water frozen in the solid state; "Americans like ice in their drinks"
ice blue drapes - Ice
When Cassie was little she thought her mother had been taken prisoner by trolls because of a deal she’d made with the Polar Bear King. Just a fairy tale to soothe a child whose mother had died. But on her eighteenth birthday, the “fairy tale” comes true when the Polar Bear King comes to take Cassie for his bride. Realizing she has the power to save her mother, Cassie makes her own deal with the bear and finds herself on a journey against time, traveling across the brutal Arctic to the land east of the sun and west of the moon. It is a journey that will teach Cassie the true meaning of love and family—and what it means to become an adult.

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The Glacial Ice Necklace
The Glacial Ice Necklace
A luxurious necklace with loads of femininity and sparkle! The glass lampwork focal bead was handmade by me in the flame. Soft pale icy glacier blue and pillows of soft beige and shimmering dichroic float beneath a transparent coat for so much depth and shine. The glass bead is wrapped from top to bottom with very fine gauge gold filled wire. Dropping below the glass focal is a beautiful faceted natural chalcedony briolette. Clustered above the briolette are tiny freshwater keshi pearls, faceted imperial topaz and faceted light blue topaz. Draped from each side of the focal is a strand of gold filled chain, giving the necklace incredible movement. At top, bottom and each side are tiny faceted imperial topaz for a pretty detail. Wrapped on top, attaching the focal to the sterling chain, is a lovely faceted peruvian opal nugget.
Blue Ice Byzantine Necklace
Blue Ice Byzantine Necklace
Imagine the luxurious weight of this sterling silver and lampwork glass necklace draped around your throat. Once you put it on, you'll feel yourself shining like a star. The blue handmade lampwork glass beads, formed in a hexagonal mold, are connected by delicately woven sterling silver Byzantine chainmaille. The entire necklace has been polished to a high shine. The main portion of the necklace is 22 inches, with the central portion dangling another 2 inches. The handmade clasp allows for an inch adjustment. Bonus! The set also includes a simple pair of sterling silver French wire earrings with matching lampwork beads. (Picture coming soon.) The lampwork beads were made by a local Iowa artist.

ice blue drapes