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Drapery Curtain Rings

drapery curtain rings
  • curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  • Cloth coverings hanging in loose folds
  • The artistic arrangement of clothing in sculpture or painting
  • Drapery is a general word referring to cloths or textiles (Old French drap, from Late Latin drappus ). It may refer to cloth used for decorative purposes - such as around windows - or to the trade of retailing cloth, originally mostly for clothing, formerly conducted by drapers.
  • Long curtains of heavy fabric
  • cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds
  • any barrier to communication or vision; "a curtain of secrecy"; "a curtain of trees"
  • Conceal or screen with a curtain
  • hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  • provide with drapery; "curtain the bedrooms"
  • Provide with a curtain or curtains
  • Each of a series of resonant or vibrating sounds signaling an incoming telephone call
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Detail of drapery in Mediterranean influenced Living Room
Detail of drapery in Mediterranean influenced Living Room
Hand forged steel drapery rods with scrolled ends, and twisted steel rings, all with a washed antique bronze finish. Ivory linen fabric is printed with a damask pattern in brown, blue and green. Tassels and braid edging add detail.
Side Panels With Attached Swags
Side Panels With Attached Swags
What I remember most about this one is the installation. Notice the inside mounting close to the ceiling. It was tricky getting the pole into the brackets.

drapery curtain rings