Different Shades Of Brown Hair Colors

different shades of brown hair colors
    different shades
  • (A Different Shade) A Different Shade is a 2007 album from Swedish singer Erik Segerstedt, released on February 1, 2007, and debuted at number two on the Swedish album chart . The album spawned two singles, "Can't Say I'm Sorry", a number-one single, and "How Did we Change", a number-two single.
    hair colors
  • (Hair color) Hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles due to two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin. Generally, if more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; if less melanin is present, the hair is lighter.
  • (Hair Color) Brown (Blond in film)
  • (Hair Color) (blonde afro-style wig and red afro-style hair done by Dasonu Maso (fake dance man)).
  • Dark-skinned or suntanned
  • Of a color produced by mixing red, yellow, and black, as of dark wood or rich soil
  • of a color similar to that of wood or earth
  • an orange of low brightness and saturation
  • (of bread) Made from a dark, unsifted, or unbleached flour
  • fry in a pan until it changes color; "brown the meat in the pan"

* “The Boy with the Golden Heart” The location that I have chosen to create a memorial is an area in front of Parliament Place Elementary School. This school is located in North Babylon, Long Island. The project is to construct a memorial in an eyesore space in front of the building. The area is located to the left of the main entrance to the school. It is a dirt area with scattered grass and a grate for a sewer. There is also a fenced off area against the building with piping behind it and a random cement platform. The entrance to the school is rather dry and empty. My public art piece will be replacing this area with a memorial for Kenneth Michael Warren. He used to be a resident and student of North Babylon. Last August, Kenny, a twenty-one year old, was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive form of lymphoma cancer. He underwent many tests, treatments and surgeries. In total, he stayed in two different hospitals with his family and friends at his side. It was a painful month of false hope for everyone around him. After a short and difficult struggle, Kenny passed away in early September. The Warrens suf¬fered through something no family should have to endure. This particular family is my best friend’s family. In honor of Kenny, my family is donating a memorial to him that will be located at the site of our elementary school. The memorial will consist of a statue and a fountain in front of the school. Kenny’s family has created a foundation called “Friends of Kenny Warren.” The logo for this foundation is, “the boy with a golden heart.” This will be represented as the statue in the center of the fountain. Kenny was always the kid who never got into trouble and was a “momma’s boy.” He was a Christian who helped many people and would do anything for anyone. This logo really represents him as having “the golden heart.” The memorial will represent him and encourage people to have the same “golden heart.” The fountain is a large circular pool fountain with a statue of “the boy with a golden heart” in the center. The water will be vibrant and exhilarating that will flow from the top of the statue to the pool below. The pool of water will be one and half feet deep. The fountain will be lit with lighting to create a truly reflective setting. The fountain will be constructed from hand-poured cast stone that will last for generations. It is designed with beautiful colors that will leave a lasting impression on all of its visitors. The stone color for the pool fountain is different shades of brown. The statue features a boy with brown hair in blue jeans and a white shirt, cradling a heart of gold. This statue is shaped as if it is a wooden carving. The statue has no face. The heart will be made with pure gold. The fountain will be constructed in different pieces of cast stone, such as the base of the fountain pool and the statue. Accessories include a lighting kit, a pump, tubing, and hardware. Its overall dimensions are 84” pool diameter and 71” tall for the statue. The weight of the cast stone and gold heart equals 1086lbs. The total cost for this memorial will be $6,500.00 for the materials in cast stone and the golden heart separate will cost $1,608. The flowing water will represent peace and cleanliness. This statue should bring warmth and grace to people. The heart represents that even though people pass away, you always have their love and they will always have yours. It is for eternity and cannot be broken. This symbolism might be complicated for a student at the elementary school to understand, but they will look at it as a role model and know that “hearts” are strong. It is to honor Kenny’s courageous spirit and kindness. It expresses the pure and honest affection between a child and those who love and care for them. This is a perfect token of appreciation for that compassionate friend and family member that has a true heart of gold.
adda bear 1
adda bear 1
geesh, i guess at 50 i was bound to thin around the top and fill out around the waist... but geesh...going from a major full head of blonde hair to a thining 'is-that-your-real-hair-color" does take THICK SKIN...thank goodness i have years on me to develop that thickness... though even my barber asked me if i dyed what is left of my hair...its so nicely streaked...hahaha ok, that is one way to get a ZERO tip...hahaha and NEWS FLASH real blonde hair is usually many different shades of blonde & some brown...and in my case of being 50...GREY, lots of GREY . and GREY does not stop on top of my head for it filtered down to my beard which is now completely GREY...and my chest is going GREY TOO... i guess old age is not for those afraid to go GREY...or afraid to grab a bottle of hair dye...or pose naked...OK, THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN FOR THOSE WHO ASKED... HAHAHA

different shades of brown hair colors
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