How do I find your lesson plans?

All of our lesson plans, including our final report, are located under the educational materials tab.

Help! Its the night before my field trip, how do I find directions to the forest?! 

Have no fear.  Under the Travel to HJ Andrews tab, you'll find everything you need: What to bring, Directions, even the ever-important PTCI waiver.

How physically demanding is this field trip? Will my child be able to participate?

All aspects of the Canopy Connections 2011 field trip are designed to be accessible for all levels of physical ability.  Contrary to what some may think, the Tree Climb activity is perfectly suitable for middle school aged students.  If any student has a physical disability that the Canopy Connections team should be notified about, please contact the teacher liaison: azul [at] uoregon [dot] edu

It's the day of the trip, and the weather is really bad.  Is the field trip canceled?

The Canopy Connections field trip happens rain or shine, so please come prepared regardless.  If inclement weather such as snow or ice prevents the field trip from taking place, teachers will be notified.  The weather forecast can be accessed on our site under the Travel to HJ Andrews Tab