Educational Materials

The Canopy Connections team created four lesson plans with an introduction and conclusion for middle-school field trips at H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest. These can be adapted and used in any forest setting, whether in the city or out in the old growth.

  • Canopy Climb - The Suspended Sit Spot - students climb 90' into a Douglas fir tree! and spend time reflecting on the changes in perspective
  • Habitats - Home is Where the Forest Is - students create sculptures to represent old-growth forest structures and the organisms that inhabit them
  • Tree Life Cycle -From Seed to Soil-
    students explore trees throughout their life cycle and spend time identifying 6 tree     
  • Human Relationships - Frolic in the Forest - students engage in a sensory scavenger hunt and create sounds to a story about forest ecosystems

Final Report
As part of the Environmental Leadership Program, the team compiled a final report to showcase how they took Environmental Education theory and created a set of lesson plans. It contains information on the community partners, the lesson plans, evaluations, and accomplishments.
The team also created a poster to present the program.