Our Mission

The Canopy Connections 2011 team, in cooperation with our community partners:

· worked to address the disconnect between children and nature by helping students appreciate their local ecosystems through place-based, experiential education in an old-growth forest  

· encouraged students to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of time spent actively engaging nature

· emphasized sensory awareness, critical reflection, and integration of ecology and arts.

We hope our program helped foster an invested ethic of stewardship in all our students.                           

Program Summary

Using an “Awareness to Action” framework, Canopy Connections 2011 program integrated the arts and sciences.

Students explored Ecology of old-growth forests – habitats, ecosystem processes & services, tree life cycles, and canopy life — by participating in a guided tree climb as well as: 

  • Sculpture- students re-created an old-growth forest from gathered forest materials
  • Music- students created sounds of various forest creatures, forces, and processes
  • Poetry & Reflection- including a poem from HJA writer-in-residence Alison Deming

For a complete description of our lesson and activities click here.