On the hereby presented web-site "The Canons of the Eastern Orthodox Church" you could find the texts of the Orthodox-Christian Ecclesiastical Rules according to the Apostles and according to the Councils of the Church fathers - both the Ecumenical and the Local (particular) ones.
Such a collection of all the basic canonical stipulations of the Eastern Orthodox Church could be a helpful research tool. Till now there is no public internet database clearly sorted like this. At the same time some of the paper- and web resources concerning different translations of the canons in English from Greek, Latin, Russian etc. cannot always  be easily found. Publishing these sources we would like to give a better access to them for Canon law researchers, for English speaking Orthodox clergy as well as for Orthodox Christian believers.

Most of the texts you are going to read here are compared to several sources, nevertheless they are to be used very carefully because they represent a working research tool for understanding of ideas and ecclesiastical decisions from a past time which  precedes our days with more than eleven centuries and that is why the comprehension of canonical contents is difficult. The reason for this roots mostly in specific hronotopical and cultural context.