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  • An oil filter is a filter to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery.
  • (oil filter) a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine
  • (Oil filter) A cartridge-filled canister placed in an engines lubricating system to strain dirt and abrasive materials out of the oil.
  • Pronto is a full length album by acoustic duo Lost and Found. The CD includes the music video for the song "Lions". It also includes re-recorded versions of "Lions" and "Baby". The band decided to record new versions of the two popular songs because previous versions were only "experimental".
  • promptly: in a punctual manner; "he did his homework promptly"
  • Promptly; quickly
  • Pronto may refer to: *Pronto Airways, an airline based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada *Pronto condoms, a brand of sheath released in South Africa *Pronto Mine, an historical uranium mine in Ontario, Canada *Pronto Software, an Australian Enterprise Resource Planning software vendor *Pronto (
pronto oil filters - Pronto
The feds want Miami bookmaker Harry Arno to squeal on his wiseguy boss. So they're putting word out on the street that Arno's skimming profits from "Jimmy Cap" Capotorto—which he is, but everybody does it. He was planning to retire to Italy someday anyway, so Harry figures now's a good time to get lost. U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens knows Harry's tricky—the bookie ditched him once in an airport while in the marshal's custody—but not careful. So Raylan's determined to find the fugitive's Italian hideaway before a cold-blooded Sicilian "Zip" does and whacks Arno for fun. After all, it's a "pride thing"...and it might even put Raylan in good stead with Harry's sexy ex-stripper girlfriend Joyce.

In the world of Elmore Leonard novels, cops and criminals get by with a grudging respect for each other's capabilities:
Harry had been arrested by Buck Torres a half-dozen times or so; they knew each other pretty well and were friends. Not socially, Harry had never met Buck's wife, but friends in the way they trusted one another and always had time to talk about other things than what they did for a living.
Right now, 66-year-old Harry Arno's in trouble. In order to get at his boss, Jimmy Cap, the feds told Jimmy that Harry's skimming off the sports book he runs, the idea being that Harry will testify in exchange for protection from Tommy Bucks (a.k.a. the Zip), Jimmy's enforcer. But Harry's got a few tricks up his sleeve. Then when a straight-shooting U.S. Marshall decides to spend his vacation tracking Harry down, all hell breaks loose. Set in Miami, Florida, and Rapallo, Italy, Pronto is another brilliantly executed combination of suspense and black humor from the master of crime fiction. --Ron Hogan

86% (16)
CERTOFIX Pronto (1938)
CERTOFIX Pronto (1938)
Certofix Pronto, Dresden, 6 x 9 cm, 120 film, Josef Schneider & Co. Kreuznach, No.: 355288, Radionar, 3 lenses in 3 groups, f:4,5 F=10,5 cm, Alfred Gaulthier Calmbach, 1/25 sec., 1/50 sec., 1/100 sec., T, B, Aperture 4,5 - 5,6 - 8 - 11 - 16 - 22 - 32, Focus 1m - infinity, selfshutter, brilliant viewfinder. Built aprox. 1938. Unfortunately there is not much information on the internet. I got this camera in unbelievable good condition. It?s like new, no scratches or dents, no fungus, no rust or similar. Just a little dust on the lenses wich where easy to clean. But that?s o.k. with an age of 73 years. Also the box is nearly mint.
Pronto Powered Office Hours
Pronto Powered Office Hours
Wimba Pronto enables online office hours, providing realtime interaction and collaboration for faculty and students at Grand Rapids Community College.

pronto oil filters
pronto oil filters
Riding the Rap
Now that his mom's gravy train has derailed, gambling, debt-ridden Palm Beach playboy Warren "Chip" Ganz has decided to take somebody rich hostage—with the help of a Bahamian ex-con, a psycho gardener/enforcer, and the beautiful, if underfed, psychic Reverend Dawn. The trouble is they choose bookmaker Harry Arno as their victim, and Harry can scam with the best. The BIG trouble is ace manhunter U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is sleeping with Harry's ex-exotic dancer ex-girlfriend, and Joyce wants Harry found. And since nearly everyone has guns, locating and springing the captive bookie most probably can't happen without some measure of lethal difficulty.

In this sequel to Pronto, Harry Arno has retired from bookmaking but is still closing out some of his outstanding debts. But then his collection agent, an ex-con by the name of Bobby Deo, goes to pick up $1,800 from Chip Ganz and ends up getting hired for a hostage-taking operation (like kidnapping "in a way," Chip tells him, "only different. A lot different.") When Harry's taken by his own man, it's up to United States Marshal Raylan Givens to track him down, in the same methodically relentless fashion he tracked Harry that time he ran off to Italy. Throw in a henchman named Louis Lewis with plans of his own and an attractive young psychic named Reverend Dawn, and you've got yet another crime story that'll keep you on the edge of your seat--occasionally chuckling to yourself--straight through to the finish. (And bonus points to loyal Leonard fans who can spot the crossover elements from Rum Punch and Maximum Bob.) --Ron Hogan

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