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Play Funny Cooking Games

play funny cooking games
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Birthday Smiles
Birthday Smiles
My way of saying happy birthday to my brother-in-law Rich the best way I know how—through the lens of my camera. Behind the jokester persona, Rich is an exceedingly gentle, kind, generous and thoughtful human being. Once I got to know him I could easily see why my sister fell in love. A talented cook, an expressive singer, a playful husband, a giving and dedicated son and a grateful father. Just a few things that I have noticed about him over the years. I’m most grateful though that he is not only my family, but also my friend. Happy 35th birthday dude. One funny story about Rich: Shortly after moving down to the Philadelphia area, my sister and Rich invited Heather and me to their house to watch football and enjoy a cookout. The Eagles were playing. Rich has been a season ticket holder since he use to attend the games with his father back in the day so this dude is a fan through and through. I enjoy my sports, but for me watching sports isn’t very fun (with the exception of soccer) unless I am watching it with someone who truly gets into it. On this particular day the game was as games should be—close and exciting—and towards the end of the game the momentum swung back and forth several times. Yet I found myself not paying much attention to the game because of what was taking place in the room. With seconds left on the game the Eagles made a play that, had they converted on it, would have won the day for them. At the apex of that moment, I watched with great pleasure this grown man jump to the middle of the room with both arms in the air (one fist clenched in anticipation and the other clenched in hope) and with his yell attempte to will the play towards his team’s advantage. As all stories like this must follow from time to time, the play was a failure (at least for the Eagles) and as the outcome became clear I watched Rich fall to his knees followed shortly by the rest of his body—plopping forward face first in defeat. I was thinking to myself, who cares about the outcome of that game when I could witness such enthusiasm in person. The best part is that even though Rich is a fan, he understands that a game is simply that—a game—and as such easily moved on afterwards. Just one more thing I respect him for.
Mimmi (mumù) Tagged by Miaa
Mimmi (mumù) Tagged by Miaa
Miaa tagged "aunty" Mims...... so here we go! Pic courtesy Salvo Waydelich 1. First kiss - i thought was absolutely disgusting :p ( tongue everywhere ...blahhhhhhhhhh) ahahahahaha i was soooo young and he was one of the most famous play boy of my city. He was 18, blonde and blue eyes....( but not enough to stop my disgust...) I changed idea btw very soon about kisses................... 2. First pet – was a lil cat me and my mother found in a corner of a street. she was scared and tiny... we adopted and called her " Ghisina" ...btw she was pregnant and in a few we had the home invaded by 5 lovely kitten.... i was 13 but i still remember the names of every single pet and their colours! OMG was so funny! 3. First impression of SL - " How could people be addict to this game?" ...... LOL ..the famous last words 4. First car – WV Golf 5. First thing I cooked – Risotto alla milanese ( typic italian food based on rice and safran) 6. First lay – with my first big love, was magic! 7. First RL crush- with my first love, i had to take the decision because his jelousy was obsessive, he went violent to me. When he saw me the first time on a newspaper for an adv ( i was 16 ) he had a very danger reaction and i prefered to broke up before to be killed.... The sad fact is he never changed .. and i know over the years he had serious problems with his wife! (people don't change....) 8. First SL crush – When i met Salvo i closed with a guy who was special for some way. Other you want to know??well ask and i will answer! I tag: Agy; Dico; Salvo, Moana; Ellendir ; Angels, Alii; Daniele!

play funny cooking games
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