Online Fun Cooking Games

online fun cooking games
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I wasn't tagged, but I wanna do it anyway!
I wasn't tagged, but I wanna do it anyway!
Stolen from Miss Randi Lenroy 1. I'm obviously very very very white. I'm primarily German (about 3/4), but the rest is Irish (also super pale), Iroquois Indian, and African American. 2. I name pets either after fictional characters, or after random characteristics about said animal. Currently I have 3 kitties: Hannibal, D'Artagnon, and Meowser Stinkybutt. 3. I am definitely a morning person. If I'm online past nine p.m., I'm usually not sober. 4. I'm the midget of the family at 5'6". Everyone else is over 6' tall, men and women. 5. I'm painfully curvy (and a little chubby). My body sort of defies logic, which amuses me when I'm not annoyed about not being able to find clothes that fit. 6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE body modifications, although I don't have many of the usual ones... 7. ...but I do corset training. Currently my waist goes to 21" corseted, and stays at 27" when not. My ultimate goal is 19". 8. I don't consider myself to have a sexuality. I'm sex positive, and if I like someone, I'm usually attracted to them. Men, women, genderqueer...I like it all. 9. My hair will not grow long. It will hit about shoulder length and never, ever grow longer. Ever. It's probably my biggest pet peeve. 10. I was a vegetarian for about 5 years, although I do eat some meat now (mostly seafood). 11. I'm a complete nerd. I like comic books, puzzles, video games (obviously). 12. Best date ever? Cooking fun snacky foods together, and settling down for a night of board games, nahms, and wine. 13. Although I am a loud, goofy, terribly not shy person, I consider myself to be relatively submissive in romantic relationships. 14. My favorite food is cheese, hands down. I could eat cheese everyday. Any kind of cheese. 15. I'm terrified of albino anything. Pink eyes scare me.... 16. And finally, both my first and last names are German verbs :P *I'm not gonna tag anyone...if you are on my list and wanna do this, go right ahead!*

online fun cooking games
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