Culinary Sensations cast from an ACTUAL HUMAN SKULL!
  Email Chocolate Skulls

 White Chocolate Skull $199
Rich yet light, the White Chocolate Skull by Cannibal Confections is the sweetest tasting of our skulls.  A generous dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar gives it a startlingly realistic appearance, and a unique flavour kick! 

'Bone' Chocolate Skull $199 
The 'Bone' Chocolate is the most true to 'death' skull.  My own blend of Belgian chocolates closely resembles the colour of the actual human skull from which my molds are made.  The mixture ensures that each cast has a distinctly unique character.  That freshly exhumed look is enhanced by the pure cocoa powder patina.

Dark Chocolate Skull $199
When it comes to flavour, the Dark Chocolate Skull by Cannibal Confections is my all time favourite.  Made from 100% pure Belgian Chocolate with a 58% cocoa content, it has just the right balance of sweetness and piquancy.
It's also the healthiest, and so a deliciously effective way to avoid the grim reaper! Pure cocoa powder completes the recently exhumed effect.