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Blackberry Winter 2007

      Blackberry Winter   2007                                                   

      Rochester College  Annual Chapbook

Obsession, pg. 6 (Photography)

Study of Layers, pg. 10 (Photography)

Mere Proximity, pg. 14 (Poetry)

Mere Proximity


I fell 
in love with literature 
the day I met Gilgamesh. 
created in the image of God,
more than 2000 years 
before the first glimpse of a deity 
since Adam met Eve
was to be seen in the birth of Christ. 

an hour and fifteen short minutes, 
twice a week, 
was all the time in the world to me, 
more than 2000 years later.


time and history are no barriers, 
nor race -- 
Indian, American, Chinese-- 
you are beautiful.
your southern start,
negative space,
and oven bird call:

let that be enough.


blue birds fly
and the dream 
that you dared
to dream
never did come true

Chapel, pg. 36 (Photography)

My Word, pg. 37 (Poetry)

My Word
Genesis 5:24 “He (Enoch) enjoyed a close relationship with God throughout his life.  Then
suddenly, he disappeared because God took him.”
The Jungle
For Adam Langford
They said he might have jumped.
      Knowing a lot of people
He was the type to do that sort of thing.
      You run the risk of losing them
Jump if it’s going to be bad.
      It’s a good risk to take
he’d have jumped.

Thornless Christ, pg. 40 (Photography)

If I Could Choose (an apology), pg. 42-43 (Poetry)

If I Could Choose (an apology)
I am like pharaoh.
The Lord has hardened my heart against you,
     and I cannot let you go.
My blood is like water, contaminated and unclean.
My conscience is like frogs in your bed,
     and gnats and flies on your dead animals.
My thoughts are like boils, eating away the flesh.
My soul is a locust, consuming its path.
The darkness surrounds, and I weep for my unborn son.
But the Lord has hardened my heart against you
     and I cannot let you go.
You will walk on dry ground, and a great sea will separate us
The Lord will soften my heart to you,
     and my resolve will die
     and you will be free.
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Psalm 23
The Lord will
Harden my heart
To you
Because I asked
In his name
To forget
The Lord is
My shepherd;