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Blackberry Winter 2006

 Blackberry Winter      2006                                                  

      Rochester College Annual Chapbook

Irgendwann fallt jede Mauer, pg. 12 (Poetry)

Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer

the cold days of autumn 
the fall of '89 
couldn't keep east from west 
in the days and weeks that followed 
when the wall fell 

wires from guitars 
not barbs 
were strung across the wall 
and played by 
grunge, before grunge 
was vogue-- 
when the wall fell 

in tune or not 
they made a beautiful noise 
and for the first time 
the walls cried 
and gave voice to the crumble 
when the wall fell 

years later 
people around you 
hear your cries 
and celebrate your voice 
when the wall fell 

sing walls 
of all shapes and sizes 
concrete, wire, and 
mauer im kopf, 
irgendwann fällt jede mauer

I tried to remember you today, pg. 37 (Poetry)

I Tried To Remember You Today

I tried to remember the years we spent together.
how I sat by the door crying
and waiting.
but it wasn't for you.
I wanted to ride the yellow bus.
I wanted to leave.

I tried to remember the years we spent together.
I slept in the backseat
covered in newspapers
and waiting.
but there were red lights
where our house had previously stood.
I wished I was still inside.

I tried to remember the years we spent together.
making his coffee for him
admiring your new hair color
and waiting.
and you left us alone
like so many years before
and I don't miss you at all.

Decembers, pg. 57 (Poetry)

The silver bells rang out
in joyful mourning of the man
God born to die alone
The Father blankets his children
“Rest” says he, for another change
will surely come
but his only son weeps with the beasts
for his season will be short
and final.
December rests under it’s blanket
weak and weary and heavy laden.
he was green but not in color
for he had none at all.
he wished he could shae off the flakes,
Shower, and put on brightly colored clothes.
but death does not wear paisley jumpers
or large brimmed hats with gaudy flowers.
so one again he pulls the covers up
over his head yet one more time.