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The Dutch Independent Patient = Mobile
Tips to create a firmer ground when requesting prescriptions Medical Cannabis at doctors or hospitals.
Natural way to make Cannabis / olive oil.
Tilburg allows patients some relief - Letter Mayor of Tilburg to a local patient foundation in English
First dutch Medical Cannabis 1993/2003 by James Burton
The Real Radicalisation theory.

Hemp and Cannabis for Health - Community

Hemp and Cannabis for Health Community on G+ or site

The Medicinal Cannabis 

The Medicinal Cannabis Game

Memo @ Ministry of Common Sense
Wealthy Health and Sportive Behavior.

Memo @ Ministry of Common Sense Wealthy Health and Sportive Behavior.

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Patient updates.
The National Cannabis Patients Wall
Patients in the Picture.
Shirts for support ( yourself ).
Bycicle Tours for Medical Cannabis.
My Prescriptions Overview.
About P.T.S.D. / P.T.S.S.
Mutiple Diagnose Syndrome ?.
Poly Osteo Arthritis ?.
Work Related Articular Wear ?.
Raphael Mechoulam on wiki

Bedrocan ® Netherlands 2003 - 2015
users in finland ?
Self-medication with cannabis Hazekamp / Pappas.
Cannabis oil.analytic study Romano/ Hazekamp.
Analytic study Sept 2013 4 tinctures.
Bedrocan 5 gram containers for sell.
Branch found in granules Bedica .
Excuse me, Bedrocan Excursion ?.

Cannabis oil / tincture / concentrate

Cannabis oil / tincture / concentrate Overview

Sunday Cannabis Tea's

Making The Tea

More tea ?

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Oil, Tea and Tincture.
Bhang, Cannabis Tea Origine.
Glycerin Tincture.
Review Oils 2014
Review tinctures 2014

Request / Petitions.

Call to Patients on Governmental
Approved Medical Cannabis applications.

Petition  Make cannabis oil available
to all cancer patients as treatment.

Medical cannabis Reimbursement
test-poll English or Dutch.

Trimbos Report health risk thc-cbd
2012  Review.

Health risk thc-cbd

Test 32 strains decarbonized Cannabis
More on the cannalitycs research 2014

Cbd : Thc

My Medical Case

My medical case

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Waffle Time, or Baked @Tilburg, the Netherlands

Just another black spot on a white sheet
As long as it doesn't kill you.
A Cbd Dispensary in Amsterdam ?.
Addiction to regular painkillers.
GPs - Pharmacists Tilburg Research
Marijuana specialist begins 'clinic' with cannabis oil
My visit at Lady Starlight's Cannabis Try Out's
Alcohol versus Medicinal Cannabis ?.
Prevalence of chronic disease increases
Blog Drop ; The growing pharmacy
2014 New Request @ insurer Achmea FBTO.
Plasters for bullet wounds ..
Doede J. de Jong Overview.
Stoned Driving Research Overview 2011.