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Tube Heater Electric

tube heater electric
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Cove Modern Designer Radiator 1800mm Height
Cove Modern Designer Radiator 1800mm Height
The Cove is perfectly proportioned to add style and elegance to any room and available as a single or double designer radiator that is suitable for standard central heating systems. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Cove is available in either five or seven oval tubes to make up this 1800mm high superb room heater. The Cove is also available in two different widths and single or double banks of tubes to suit small and larger spaces please see options. From stock there is a choice of pure White, Matt Black and Anthracite finishes. Chrome contemporary valves are recommended and the radiator comes with a 5 Year Warranty. Manufactured in Italy, high quality modern designer radiator, available in pure White, Matt Black and Anthracite please see options Perfectly proportioned to add style and elegance to any roomAvailable as a single or double radiator, see optionsAvailable in two widths and three finishes Pipe centers please allow 45mm either sideState-of-the-art galvanic treatments Manufactured to ISO 9001 & 2409 standardsSee technical drawingAvailable in 3 finishes from stock!5 Year WarrantyRecommend chrome contemporary valves.
The heat is (g)on(e)
The heat is (g)on(e)
Our electric shower stopped working the other evening. When I say stopped working, the water still came from out of it, but it didn't get hot, not even warm. Being nosey we dismantled the sealed-unit and it appeared that after just two years, the 9.5 kw heater element had given up the ghost. I was amazed to see that the copper element wasn't covered in lime scale, as we live in a very hard water area. In fact lime scale is a pain in the bum, I’m forever cleaning the kitchen, toilet and bathroom with lime-descaler products You can’t buy the element and tank on its own, you have to buy the complete ‘shower engine' as Gainsborough Showers call them, which is the entire behind the cover heater and electrical unit. Anyway, for ?55 it's now up and running again, and seems hotter than the old one ever was.

tube heater electric
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