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Portable Catalytic Heater

portable catalytic heater
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New Catalytic Converter
New Catalytic Converter
Here is a view of the New Catalytic Converter I had Installed in my 2000 Pontiac Sunfire Sedan. Its a MagnaFlow Hi-Flow Converter and this thing running with the Exhaust System I Installed along with the AEM Cold Air Intake I have installed really makes this car get up and go now. Yeah it aint super fast but it is alot faster than you think it is, trust me! regardless if its a sunfire!
Jimny Catalytic Convertor Heat Sheild (After)
Jimny Catalytic Convertor Heat Sheild (After)
Catalytic convertor heat shield had come apart on my 4x4 (Afterphoto). Managed ti clip it together with some 'R Clips' - No more annoying vibrations from underneath. Thanks to Kev for his help :-)

portable catalytic heater
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