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Electric Tubular Heater

electric tubular heater
    tubular heater
  • An electric heater with high surface temperatures usually used in the preheat section of the machine. Infrared radiation as well as air movement over these elements transfers heat to the tool or mandrel to be coated.
  • using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity; "electric current"; "electric wiring"; "electrical appliances"; "an electrical storm"
  • An electric train or other vehicle
  • a car that is powered by electricity
  • (of a situation) exceptionally tense; "an atmosphere electric with suspicion"

FSV 108 - 1952 Jowett Jupiter Convertible @ skipton 2008
FSV 108 - 1952 Jowett Jupiter Convertible @ skipton 2008
This left-hand drive Jupiter Mk1 was manufactured in 1952 and exported to the USA in May of that year. It is powered by Jowett's own 1.5-litre, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine and has the usual tubular steel chassis and aluminium body, which can accommodate two or even three persons on the bench seat. The Jupiter shares many individual components with the better-known Jowett Javelin saloon. In all, some 831 Jupiters were made, of which 736 were Mk1s. Worldwide, there are probably around 230 Jupiters existing and the marque is well supported for spares by the Jowett Car Club and the Jupiter Owners' Auto Club. This cars United States history is unknown, although it was repainted red for sale by the importer, Angell Motors, from its original factory colour of green metallic, "Turquoise Blue" to Jowett. By chance, a visiting Englishman saw the car, which was in less than happy circumstances, in Camarillo, California, acquired it and brought it back to England in 1978. He, the immediately preceding owner, embarked upon its restoration but sold the car in 1985 to the current vendor, who has run it for 20-plus years. In 2004, it was decided to restore the car more comprehensively, which took about a year to complete. The vendor engaged the services of a friend, a former motor engineer and owner of a particularly well-restored Javelin, who meticulously carried out the necessary renovation to original factory specification with assistance from various specialists. Work undertaken included overhauling the instruments as necessary; re-chroming all brightwork; and re-spray in original factory Turquoise Blue. New parts fitted include the floor and carpeting; dashboard in walnut veneer; correct headlights; pale beige leather upholstery and interior trim to match; matching hood and tonneau; timber frame supports; and anti-squeak trim to front/rear wheel panels (thus providing a coach line) in the same colour and material as the hood. The car was completely re-wired about ten years ago and an oil cooler added to the engine many years ago by Dennis Sparrow, of London, a Jowett specialist. There is also a Jowett Javelin heater installed. No work was carried out on the engine, which we are advised has always run well. Upon completion of the restoration in 2005, "FSV 108" won the Concours Award for "Best Jupiter" at the annual National Jowett Rally held that year in Basingstoke.
Those Were the Days
Those Were the Days
Marcels Finger Wave BEAUTY PARLOR ~ Old Town Museum Route 66 Elk City Oklahoma A vertical metal pipe held a circular unit, called a 'chandelier' from which the heaters were suspended. The bottom of the pipe was mounted on a base with wheels which enabled the device to be moved easily between clients or to one side of the salon. The chandelier took some of the weight of the heaters and kept them tidy; it also facilitated the electrical connection, and the cables to the heaters also took some of the weight of the curlers. Because of expense, the early models only had a few tubular heaters, and permanent-waving process took place in more than one stage. As the process became more popular and competitive, a whole head of hair could be processed in one go, using up to 22 heaters, some of which might be croquignole.

electric tubular heater
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