Watch Top Chef Season 6

watch top chef season 6
    top chef
  • Top Chef is an American reality competition show that airs on the cable television network Bravo, in which chefs compete against each other in culinary challenges.
  • Top Chef: D.C. is the seventh season of American reality television series Top Chef and was filmed first in Washington, D.C. and concluded in Singapore. The season premiered on Bravo on June 16, 2010 and ended on September 15, 2010.
    season 6
  • The American situation comedy television series Friends was broadcast in 236 episodes over 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. The series was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, developed by Crane, Kauffman and Kevin S.
  • The sixth and final season of the American serial drama television series Lost commenced airing in the United States and Canada on February 2, 2010. The sixth-season premiere was the first to climb in the ratings year-over-year since the second season, drawing 12.1 million viewers.
  • Season 6B or Season 6 (b) is a popular fan theory related to the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • a small portable timepiece
  • Secretly follow or spy on

Sadly, this was the best shot of the bunch
Sadly, this was the best shot of the bunch
Holy cow with the crazy eyes in this picture - this is after a tough week of teaching, and knowing I have to teach tomorrow as well (Saturday, boo). Which holidays do you celebrate, if any? Thanksgiving signals to me the beginning of my holiday season, and Christmas (often drawn-out) signals the end. I celebrate the passing of the holidays with New Years ;) What is your favorite holiday tradition? Hmm, that one is tough. Xmas Eve at my grandmother's house is always a blast. But I think the one that sticks with me the most is Christmas Lists - my father has every Xmas list I have ever made in my life, and every year he demands one still, even if he has completed his shopping. If I don't get it to him he threatens to dig out an old list and buy me things from that year (Hello Monchichi, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch!) For New Year's, are you a party animal or quiet night at home type? I really enjoy having friends over for drinks and chatter and movies and the like. I much prefer this to going out! What drives you banana hammocks about the holidays? Tempting foods? Relatives? Shopping? I find that I over-shop for people in the sense that I want to get/make the "perfect" gift for the person, rather than just get something off of a list. And this makes me a little crazy. I've come to love the insanity of my relatives, and I look forward to the holidays for our time together. I tend to underestimate my holiday crafting time, but I seem to be getting a bit better. What's your "comfort" when getting "through" the holiday season? Crafting? Eating? Drinking? :o) I craft a LOT during the holidays. My comfort is usually to do housework and chores - it's a swift, satisfactory sense of completion and a nice break from whatever I am working on. Holiday foods you like I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE. And mashed potatoes. And TURNIPS. Holiday foods you despise Not a fan of the cranberry sauce! Or the sweet potatoes. Yet I have been assigned to make these dishes for Thanksgiving 3 years in a row! :) Foods you can't eat (allergies, etc.) Nope, nothing! Favorite yarn(s)? I'm loving rustic wools these days, and alpaca too. I think it's because it's mitten season and they are so lovely for colorwork. I like a good basic standard workhorse yarn. I prefer to knit on US 2-6. Crafty pursuits - knit, crochet, spin, sew, quilt, any of these or others? Oh good god. All of the above. I am in the middle of trying to convince myself to NOT take up tatting. Hobbies/pursuits/proclivities/passions (other than the aforementioned crafty ones, obviously) Bookbinding, and I like cutting out paper a lot. I do some printing and such as well. I enjoy reading about the highway system and I enjoy watching cycling. What do you do in life? (job, career, school, family, etc.) I'm a bookbinder, and I also teach bookbinding workshops. I layout and publish unbound books-in-sheets for bookbinders to handbind. Random favorites -- books, movies, tv, genres, ice cream flavors, time of day, etc. Hmm. I prefer non-fiction over fiction, but I love short story collections. I like to read about the history of food, design, and engineering. I like underground comics (Chris Ware, Jordan Crane, etc.) I like documentaries a lot. "Airplane" is one of my top 5 movies. TV-wise I watch my fair share of "reality" tv competitions (Top Chef, PR, etc.) and a lot of Discovery Channel. I don't like sci-fi or fantasy stuff at all. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate or sweet - I have a salty/tart tooth. I loooooooove pumpkin icecream. I love avocados. I have 2 cats, Juicebox & The Mayor. I won't read a book/play a game/etc. if I don't like the artwork or if it is Comic Sans or Papyrus. I pinch butts.
Day 361
Day 361
Went to the Guggenheim and saw the Kandinsky exhibit... holy cow the line outside was long. Do people seriously wait like an hour to get in and then at least another 45 minutes to get tickets? I don't have that kind of patience. (remind me never to go to disneyland.) Luckily I had a prepaid pass and got in right away. I would've rather made up my whole essay than wait in that line (well, maybe)... I really liked this block.... the sun was falling on the buildings perfectly. I'm going back. New favorite show... TOP CHEF. I'm on and off about this show but I'm watching season 6 on the web (thank god for mega video...) The finale was so great :) 361/365 (um wow.) December 28th, 2009

watch top chef season 6
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