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Running Watch Heart Rate Monitor

running watch heart rate monitor
    heart rate
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All set
All set
Off I go to run a half marathon in Esquel. I just finished packing: - My running shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus 11 - Running socks: Drymax - Running short - STAA singlet - Short sleeve t-shirt - Knee care bands - Special tape for medical taping - Anti-Chafing Gel - Band-Aids - Ibuprofen - Anti-inflammatory gel - Watch and heart rate monitor Me voy a correr una media marathon a Esquel. Acabo de terminar de hacer el bolso: - Zapatillas: Asics Gel Nimbus 11 - Medias: Drymax -Short - Musculosa STAA ( - Remera de mangas cortas - Cinchas rotulianas - Cinta hipoalergenica para hacer taping - Gel anti rozaduras (vaselina, bah) - Curitas - Ibuprofeno - Gel antiinflamatorio - Reloj y monitor cardiaco
Day 264: A new race day companion
Day 264: A new race day companion
I bought a Garmin 305 recently that is excellent for training, but I need something simpler for race day. And something waterproof. These Forerunner 50's have been around for a while & they've been superseded, so they're cheap! The way I use these things this is likely to become my everyday watch too. Trying it out I've found that it's super simple, particularly if you're just using time and heart rate.

running watch heart rate monitor
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