Diamond Accent Watch

diamond accent watch
    diamond accent
  • Diamond accents are small diamonds used in jewelry settings with a combined carat weight of less than one fourth of a carat.
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • Secretly follow or spy on
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • a small portable timepiece

Battle on the Big Bridge
Battle on the Big Bridge
[20:14] Damienn Kiranov was walking on the bridge, seemingly trying to keep a low profile, he stops when he sees Laurick pointing a gun at him. "Heh... guess it was only a matter of time... So how's this gonna go?" [20:14] Laurick Scarbridge cocked the rifle that he had in his hands, the underside of the barrel being pumped. He leaned forward with a perpetual smile on his lips, aiming down the agog scope as he spoke in a jovial tone, "Well, I was right it seems. By the way, might I ask what you're doing heading into the swamps? Also, a gun? It means stop. That it does. Kwa hoo hoo hoo! Now, why don't you be a nice little android and stay still," the red head said, and tapped at his com, "This is Doctor Scarbridge requesting backup at the big bridge." [20:21] Damienn Kiranov pulls his chainsword out with his right hand, then brings an SMG into his left. "Oh no... not that simple. I'm not going back. In fact, I kinda expected this. Why I made this nasty little number a little while ago. Seen some crazy android on TV. Thought it would be fun..." he wastes no time to rev his sword and quickly aims his gun at Laurick. "You see... there's one thing you forgot... I'm more durable. You may hit me a few times, but I guarantee, before I go down, either you, or one of your friends goes with me." [20:21] Ciro Bianchi (Rein) had oocly taken his sweet ass time, amazed at hte lack of lag actualy. BUT Icly he had run, and seeing DK, recognizing hte man as teh one the Doctor wanted to confront, he droped to his knees at the side of the bridge, rifle snapping up to aim at hte mans back in such a way as to ensure any shots that missed, would not fly at Laurick. [20:24] Laurick Scarbridge tilts his head from one side to the next as he looks at Kiranov rather curiously. He lowered his weapon only slightly as he watched the android rev up the chainsword. The red head blinked momentarily, and then started laughing, "Kwa hoo hoo hoo! Now that is fantastic! This will be most fun, don't you think? Oh my. Oh my, indeed. Well. Even if we go, we go in the name of science! But, you're a failed experiment. Therefore, you cannot win. Eventually we will win, because you are flawed in a way you likely don't understand, but unfortunate for you.. I understand your flaw," he said, raising the rifle up once more, having already cocked the grenade launcher, he almost immediately fired on DK without warning or hestiation after his wordiness. [20:27] Damienn Kiranov had banked on the grenade being too close to fully activate, so he immediate made a jump toward Laurick. He batted the grenade away with his left gauntlet, sending it off the bridge, as he closed the distance, he would take a swing with his chainsword at Laurick. [20:29] Ciro Bianchi (Rein) ran through options quickly. With Laurick right htere, grenades were NOT an option, as the waters below were unsafe. He was packing AP rounds, whatever size the HK 416 fired.. so he did hte best he could. Aiming from his crouched position, he pulled the trigger down and held, the automatic rifle spitting a stream of bullets for DKs back. Against an unmoving surface, you could imagine a drilling effect... and had done this to a few humans in his time too. Very messy. [20:34] Damienn Kiranov took a few rounds in his back. At first, they caused some synthblood to shoot out, but for a very brief time, confirming that he indeed was not human, and much tougher than one. He made a quick assessment, then took another swing at Laurick with his sword, though, the intent was more as a feint, so that he could execute a spin, and put himself to where he would be facing both his opponents. [20:37] Laurick Scarbridge would have found the first swipe ineluctable had Ciro not fired off his rifle when he'd chosen to. As it was, Laurick was able to use his rifle to move down and take the brunt of the chainsword's cut. Of course, he lost his rifle in this confusion and it was sent flying over the edge of the bridge just like his weapon had been. The Doctor started to move back when Kiranov came forward with another swipe. Laurick raised his left arm up as quickly as he possible could, likely catching the tip of the chainsword cutting against the hard diamond like filiment that had contained the plasma within the chamber. He stumbled back all the same from the attack, and shook his head, soon laughter followed, "Kwa hoo hoo hoo! I should have expected this! We might need better numbers to stop you Ghost. Oh well. We'll see what happens here now won't we? Larger weapons next time - if there is one!" [20:40] Damienn Kiranov didn't get what he wanted, but he did get one gun out of the way, this left him an opening. Which he used to immediately send a 4 round burst of 4.3 mm bullets from his SMG towards Ciro. As he fired, he edged closer to left end of the bridge, putting his chainsword back on his back, then drawing a shotgun with
Leader of the 'Egyptians', or Gypsies, in Scotland, Johnny Faa of Dunbar was granted (by way of a letter under Privy Seal from King James IV in February 1540) authority over all Gypsies in Scotland. The same missive called upon all sheriffs in the country to assist him "in executione of justice upoun his company and folkis", who were to "conforme to the lawis of Egipt". However, Mr Faa isn't famed for such dominance, nay, dear Johnnie is known for his role in the tragic tale of "The Countess and the Gypsy". The story runs that Faa, styled King of the Gypsies, ran away with a Countess of Cassillis. Her enraged husband caught up with them at a ford over the Doon, still called the Gypsies’ Steps. Thereat, he hung Faa and his followers from a Dule Tree on a mound in front of the Castle Gate at Cassillis while his wife was forced to watch from an upstairs room. He then imprisoned her in Maybole Castle for the rest of her life. The Earl supposedly also constructed an oriel window facing the place of execution and an outside staircase decorated with carvings of the faces of her lover and his gallant band, and then married again while his wife was imprisoned. Oooooh. Such scandal. Such intrigue. What a strong-willed and beautiful woman the Countess must have been and, no doubt, bent on getting her way. As for Johnnie Faa ~ he of the colourful and determined personality, dying for the love of his life. So romantic! I've attempted to actualise the drama and darkness of this tale with these stunning danglers!! Having evolved somewhat, my signature Butterfly shapes swirl beautifully from your lobes, bedecked as they are with (all GEM QUALITY) Organic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Slabs + Natural Columbian Emeralds + Vesuvianites + Brazilian Blue Apatites + London Blue Topaz + RARE Greenish Blue Rubies + Black Spinel (coated with Genuine Crushed Black Diamond Dust). Wires used are a marriage of 999 Fine and 925 Sterling Silver, sublimely accented with delicate Bali Silver Chains. They drop a very wearable 2.5" from intricate Ear Posts set with Peridot Cabochons and measure no more than 1.25" at their most curvaceous. { ALL RIGHTS RESERVED } Designs, Literature & Imagery ©2007-2010 Eclettica The Atelier

diamond accent watch
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