Canine Partnership Class

Start here to learn the basic building blocks for your future training goals. Learn the power of clear communication. In this class we will show you gentle methods to motivate your dog to come when you call, sit, lie down, stay and walk on leash without pulling. Polite pets are welcome more places and can spend more time with youYour dog will learn that being calm, cool and collected gets him what he wants.

 Sundays in Readington

$150.00 for 6 sessions

Contact Lisa Pattison for registration

Intro to Tracking Class

Tracking is something that all dogs can do. From birth to about 21 days, a puppy is practically blind but it will find its mother using it’s sense of smell. Smell is the dog's “primary” sense from day one. 
Tracking with your dog in this class will: 
1. Teach your dog to enjoy the article indication and in doing so create drive for the track. 
2. Teach your dog how to follow a designated scent.
3. Show you how to recognize your dog's body language when he is following a designated scent.
4. Teach you how to lay a track for training and how to begin to prepare for earning your TD and TDX as well as VST title.

A large part of tracking is learning to read your dog. It is very important to train your dog to give you something to read.  By watching other dogs train in a single hour you will learn more in less time and you will "see" more than when you work your dog by yourself. When working your own dog the student misses a lot that can be seen off side of the dog. You will see the dog's body language and you will be more conscious of how you move your own body. It is very important to only move your body at the correct time. Seeing someone else following their dog appropriately or inappropriately will help make you more aware of what you are doing with your body. Also you will be able to lay tracks for each other and learn even more.Typically a dog can usually learn what is needed for a TD in 6 months if he is tracked 2 to 3 times a week.

In addition to items in the "What to Bring List" for the Basic Partnership classes you will also need high value healthy treats, 10 to 20 articles including a sock and a leather glove or wallet, a harness, and eventually a 40 ft lead but you will be staying close to your dog for quite some time. At the end of the track plan a special dish that your dog will relish thoroughly. (canned fish, meatballs, tripe etc.)

Class Starts Sundays at 8 am

$150.00 for 6 sessions

Contact Lisa Pattison for registration
               Track On Tracking Class

Ready to expand your dog's tracking horizons? You have dabbled in tracking and want to get serious? It is time to plot and plan your dogs tracks. He is learning to solve the tracking puzzles you design. This class utilizes  the following.
  1.  6 sessions of students plotting their tracks  and for each other.
  2.   Learning to read your dog does not take place on blind tracks instead you have to know where the track is to “see” what your dog is telling you.
  3. 2 regulation TD tracks plotted in big field for duration of the class. Multi colored flags help designate starting flags.
  4.   Class participants relay their track and make a map at 9am
  5.   9:30 Class participants are prepared to run their track
  6.   Pace measurement tool
  7.   Hula hoops laid randomly for rehearsals of finding landmarks for map making
  8. Week 6 simulates tracking test because Lisa will lay the track over an existing plotted track but will change the last leg.