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Canine Acres Newfoundlands
Granville Summit, Pa 

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Hello and welcome to the help & Question page.  I have put this page together not only to help answer your questions before you give one of my puppy's a forever home, but to answer some questions that you may not think to ask.  Feel free to email me with any questions you think should be added to this help page.

Q - What other breeds do you breed?

       We breed only Newfoundlands here at Canine Acres Newfoundlands.  They keep my hands full just with the one breed and choose to concentrate on the Newfoundland Breed!

Q - Are your puppy's Akc Registered?

      Yes all our dogs are Akc registered, there is no other registry that we use here at Canine Acres.  We truly support the Akc and their standards of the breed as well as the standards they expect breeders to follow.  

Q - What is the difference between limited and full registration?

A limited registration only means your puppy MUST be spayed or neutered and may never be used for breeding, your Akc papers will state limited.  A full registration means you may breed your puppy in the future and or show.

All puppy's are sold here at Canine Acres Newfoundlands with a limited registration unless otherwise discussed and approved prior to the sale of your puppy.  On occasion we will sell with a full registration to established breeders or sold with a breeder contract to approved breeders.

Q - What age must my puppy be before he or she comes home with me?

Your puppy must be 8 weeks old before they can leave mom here at Canine Acres.

Q - Do the puppy's get shots and health care before they come home?

Yes the puppy's go through a series of worming's and will also have their shots up to date before coming home.  

Q - Are the puppy's examined by a licensed Veterinarian?

Yes at 6 weeks of age your puppy will see the Dr. and be examined to make sure he or she is healthy and ready to come home, you will receive a health certificate from my vet to take to your vet and to keep on file.

Q -  Do you give a health guarantee with your puppy's?

Yes we do give a health guarantee and you should visit our contract page on this website where you will find the contract.  I would also like to add that I am here for the life of your Newfoundland and will always be available to help with any questions or training questions you may have.

Q - Can we meet the parents?

Yes we invite you to come and visit and meet the whole gang here at Canine Acres!  Just call or email us to schedule a visit.

Q - Will you ship my new puppy to me?

I'm sorry but I do not ship my puppy's for several reasons, but most importantly I look forward to meeting you and your family and I do believe you should meet your new puppy's parents, where they are raised and of course meet me, as the breeder I will be there for you for the life of your Newfoundland and will always be here to answer your questions and help in any way I can.

Q - Do you ever have adult Newfoundlands available?

Yes we do and we are always accepting family's for a forever home that would like to give a home to an adult Newfoundland that has been rescued or many times a family's situation may have changed and they are no longer able to keep their Newfoundland.  If you would like to be placed on our adoption list please contact us today!

If you know of a Newfoundland who is in need of a new home you may also email us, we may have the perfect new family waiting to give them a home.