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The Canine Acres Family Page is a page that lets family's keep everyone up to date on their Canine Acres Newfoundland.  It includes updated pictures and letters from the owners.  


"Big Ben"

This is Big Ben our chocolate newfy that we got from Canine Acres in 07.  At the time we decided to get Ben we already had a landseer named Hercules and a black lab named Barron.  We thought a new puppy (another newfy) would cheer up the old boys because they were getting on in years.  Ben did just that.  He is so full of life and his unique personality is really quite funny.
We motocross race every weekend during he summer starting in March and ending in October.  Its a long season. So when we brought Ben home we had already decided he will go with us every weekend (we have a motor home).  Well, we have been doing so now for two years and everyone absolutely adores him.He is actually somewhat of the tracks mascot.  We are constantly getting comments on what a good dog he is because he doesn't bark at the other dogs, he loves to give kisses to the kids or anyone willing to receive one and he listens to commands.  We hardly ever have to have him leashed, and the sound of the motorcycles does not spook him.   The funniest thing with Ben is that he loves to go for Rides.  If he knows you are going somewhere he will wait to you are not paying attention and jump in the car and refuse to get out.  Try getting a newfy out of your car if he doesn't want to move.  Well, we gave up arguing with him and now he is so big he goes wherever we go when he wants to go.   I could go on and on...he has brought so much joy to our family. This summer both Barron and hercules passed away.  Ben lost his buddies.  My husband and I once again turned to Canine Acres, and were lucky enough to find out Tami was having Fall puppies.  We will pick up Ben's new buddy in early November, and the whole family is so excited.  Newfys have a way with making everyone so happy.  The new puppy will not replace our lost loves, but will fill the void.  If I could I would have a house full.
The Sauters


Killian’s “Boston” of Canine Acres

 Boston came to live with our family on May 2nd.  We had bred our two Golden Retrievers in the past and although we love that breed as well, my husband declared about 4 years ago that our next dog would be a Newfoundland. We had kept one Golden puppy and at that time had 3 Goldens.  We decided when we only had one Golden left we would look for a Newfoundland. We lost our male Golden at 13 ½ years in July of 2007, then very unexpectedly lost our “little” Golden at 8 ½ Dec 21st 2008. Our female, then 11 was very lonely so in late February the search began.  We believe God led us to Tami and Canine Acres.  When we saw Tasha on the web site we knew she would be the perfect mom for our puppy.  She was expecting in March and we sent in a deposit for a black little girl.  Tami called with the news that Tasha only had 1 black female and that was already spoken for and that much to her surprise the other 2 females were gray.  We almost decided not to take one of the puppies because we really wanted a black one that looked like Tasha.  After a few days of discussing it as a family we decided to make Boston ours. We can’t believe we almost passed her up.  She is beautiful!! We take her to work with us almost every day and she is so good.  We are partners in a rental store and our employees have welcomed her as one of the family there. She loves going to the bank daily to get a biscuit from the drive through window. She greets everyone who comes in and everyone comments on how beautiful she is. 

 Boston loves her Golden “mommy”, Jess, but thinks dragging her around by her ears is acceptable play.  Jess loves her and does tolerate the rough play but at almost 12 she can’t really keep up with Boston’s playfulness.  Our 19 year old son, who goes to Penn State locally, is home a lot and has learned to distract Boston with his laser pointer when Jess needs a break.  Boston loves to chase the “dot” and will continue to look for it long after he puts it away. Our 18 year old daughter left 2 weeks ago for Liberty University in Virginia and is certain she will be amazed at how big Boston will be when she sees her again mid October. She is growing so fast. At 5 ½ months she is 72 lbs.

We love having a Newfoundland so much we sent Tami a deposit for another one. They are truly a magnificent breed. We’re even getting used to the slopping in the water dish and having to clean a whole lot more.  They are worth any mess they make.  We thank God daily for leading us to Tami and Canine Acres so that we could make Boston part of our family. We can’t imagine life without her!


Charlie, Sue, Patrick and Lindsay Killian




 Sampson loves his new home.  He has three other dogs to play with.  He has 1 ½ acres of yard to run around in and he uses all of it.  When they are playing they do not stop for the garden or my yard furniture.  It just gets run over!  We had 2 foot of snow before Christmas and he loved it.  Sammy and Saint made a path and the two of them ran through the snow together.  Mack, the black lab, was not as happy with the snow but he followed the other two.  
Sammy is now 123 pounds and still growing.  The staff at the vet love it when he comes in.  Everyone wants to pet him.  He is like a big teddy bear.  As any Newfy owner knows, he always wants attention.  He will push the other dogs aside to get to me.  He loves it when company comes over.
In the hotter weather, he likes to lie in the baby pool.  I have 4 baby pools so we don’t fight over them.  What else can I say except I could not live without him.  My last Newfy lived to the rip age of 14.  I hope Sammy does the same


Sammie & Diesel Short

 Hi everyone!
    Enclosed are pictures of Diesel & Samantha Short. We had recently installed new windows in our house, and we were throwing all the empty boxes in the backyard...well let me tell you, Sammie & Diesel had more fun with them then they do with the toys I get them from the pet store. A perfect way for me to describe the fun they had is when you by a little kid a expensive toy that comes in a huge box, and you take 2hrs to but the toy together and the kid has more fun in the box and won't touch the toy....well thats exactly the case. 


They had a blast...they were hiding in them waiting for the other to find and bounce on them, they would run through them, tear them apart, chew them, etc.  At the end of the day we found Sammie and Diesel pasted out, and the backyard looking like a tornado had hit.  Although there was alot to clean up, it was worth it they had alot of fun.
    Hope you enjoyed the pics, Give everyone Hugs & Kisses!
                                                                   The Short Family


Heaven Shall Rain-A Blessing
Hello! My name is Raina Batchelder, and I live with the Batchelder family in New Jersey.  When my Mommy was only 8 years old, my Gramma read her a story about a Newfoundland dog, and she has always wanted a Newfie since.  Thirty-two years later, my Mommy got her first dog, and it was ME!  She did not realize that I was to be more then just a dog......I was to be a therapy dog for my 7 year human brother Nathan who has a rare form of lupus.  And it was more than a coincidence that Newfies are the perfect therapy dogs, especially in aqua-therapy for helping Nathan build his muscles.  And before my Nathan was even born, my Mom & Dad bought their forever home by a lake for us both to swim in!  One day, I will be able to go to the hospital with Nathan and see all the other children who have special needs. And I hope to go to nursing homes and do church activities too. 

For now, in addition to swimming with my family in the warmer months (yes, I am already swimming!), I love to go on car drives and especially love to go camping with my family! I am a hit everywhere I go!  I love to walk with my sister Cherie', and play ball with my brother Chuckie.  Nicklaus just loves to hug me all the time, and that makes me happy.  I have 4 "fur sibling" cats named Scud, Dubya, Jubillee, & Poofin. Dubya is my buddy!  I am highly intelligent and can do many tricks and obey. I was potty trained through the night and sleeping through the night within 1 week of coming to my new home here.  I am a great watch dog, and I adore my family. 

I hold true to my full name.  My family insists that I am a real blessing rained down from heaven.  My Mommy had many miscarriages in her life and always refered to these babies as "raindrops thru her fingers".  My name Raina is special because now my Mommy has a real Rain-drop from heaven......ME!! 


My other Mom Tami & Mom Jodi have also been a blessing to me and my family. My mom did extensive research to find the right breeder, and Tami & Jodi won my family's heart. They have been there for us through everything and made it the most wonderful experience.  We are proud to call them family.   Only the best Newfoundland dogs come from Canine Acres.....and I am one of them!
Raina Batchelder (-:




When we decided to add another Newfy to our family, I never thought it would be more difficult than finding the last Newfy.  Maybe it was because I knew more about Newfs because we already had one.
 I was looking for several things in my next Newf.  I wanted a Newf that looked like a Newf(not a lab with fringe).  We wanted a Newf that chances were good that he would like water.  We also wanted an intelligent Newf(We were considering doing water work.)  We wanted the classic Newf personality(We have grandchildren).  Above all, I was not willing to buy from a puppy mill.
We called breeders, visited thier kennels, talked to people in Newf clubs.  Nothing seemed to click. Then, I happened to stumble on Canine Acres on the internet......and Tami led us to Leroy.  Tami was easy to talk to and honest...and we all know how hard it is to find a person who is honest these days.  She listened to our concerns and was very patient with our questions.

Her farm was clean and well cared for.  There was no funky smell like some kennels have.  Tami knows her Newfs personalities and loves them like family, because they ARE family.  She does NOT over breed her females like some breeders.  Her Newfs are healthy and well cared for just as the pups are.

 Our expectations were very high when we brought Leroy home and Tami did not let us down!  He is a true fit in our family and true to the standard of a Newfoundland dog.  He is a healthy, good looking, and intelligent little guy.  We fell in love with him right away.  He is now enrolled in puppy classes and can sit, stay, down, and speak(11weeks).  He was the youngest of the class and achieved these commands before any other puppies in our class!  He is housebroken and asks to be let out.  He is active and gentle with our grandchildren, though we are reminded that he still has puppy teeth every now and then.  lol.  I constantly find him sitting or digging in his water bowl with most of the water outside of the bowl. But what else would I expect when adopting a water dog!!!  Leroy's favorite place to sleep is the air conditioner vent.  The colder the better!!!
I know I can go to Tami with any questions about  my new puppy at any time, even after bringing the puppy home and she will have the answers.  If she doesn't have the answer-she will find out.  Trust me, she will contact you many times about your new puppy and how well he or she is doing....she has with me.  When you purchase a puppy from Tami, ITS FOR LIFE!!!
Tami, thank you. 
When it comes time to find another Newf  I will not hesitate to go to Canine Acres and Tami Stout.

Amy Meckley,  Dallastown, PA





In July of 2008 I went to Canine Acres to meet my girl Bree for the first time.  Now I do have to admit that when I had contacted Tami to be placed on the list for a puppy when Tasha was expecting I had wanted a male.  Well after all the puppies were born Tami called to let me know that the black males she had people had sent deposits for so she asked if I would be interested in a female.  I told her what look I wanted in a newfie and she told me she thought one of the girls would have that look.  Well I said yes and in the weekly pictures I recieved I could tell she had the block head just like Tasha and she was just so sweet looking.  Well when I finally got there and met everyone all the girls and King and saw my girl Bree in person I knew I had made the right choice.  On the ride home she was so sweet and layed in between me and the door, she could have had the passenger seat or the whole back of the car but she wanted to be right next to me!  She is more than I could have ever asked for in a Newfie, I have wanted one for a very long time.  She is so smart and quick and willing to learn.  She fits perfect with all the other animals we have in our home (cats, birds and yes other dogs)  She and my Dexter (shitzu) just love one another and she is very good with him, they do get rough but never that she is hurting him. She also gets along with Duke (german shepard).  She just LOVES water!  She will put her whole face under the water when getting a drink and when it is raining she loves to be outside!!!  I have given her a bath but now that water she is not too happy about.  She follows me all over.  We are still working on the potty training but I think she is just where she is suppose to be with that. 

I am so happy with her and the whole experience I had with dealing with Tami and Jodie was just wonderful.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to add a Newfie to their family.  I just cannot put into words how much this little girl means to me!!  I look forward to everyday with Bree.  Thank you so much for picking out the perfect girl for my family!  You guys rock!!
Thank you,




In October of 2007, we brought Buddy home from Canine Acres.  He is now 1 year old and an integral part of our family.  We live in a twin home in the city of Philadelphia and I was unsure of how Buddy would manage living in a city, I am happy to say that he is doing wonderfully.  The entire neighborhood knows him and loves him.  He is a great dog and a loyal companion to every member of our family.  Buddy has a great personality.  He is very well mannered, intelligent, and protective.  He loves other people and animals, but when someone new is around he is always watching to make sure his family is safe.  He hides things all over our house, you never know what you will find buried in the couch cushions!  He loves going for walks and rides in the car, and playing catch me if you can.  I could go on an on about Buddy, he is the love of our lives.  Thank you for doing such a great job breeding Newfoundlands.  Buddy, not only is a beautiful specimen of a Newfoundland, but more importantly, has ALL of the character traits a Newfoundland should possess.





My name is Mocha Lynn Latte. When I am in trouble it is Miss Mocha Lynn Latte. I live with the Corbett family in Pennsylvania, close to my Mom, Tasha and my Dad, King.  I am growing like a weed and love my yellow lab brother Cooper. I also have 3 human kids I love very much.  My favorite thing to do when Mommy says in the morning, "Go wake up the kids!", I go running to each of their bedrooms and lick their faces until they get up.  I have so much fun doing that especially now that I am big enough to jump on their beds and really get them.   Mommy tells me I am a good girl and will some day make a great therapy dog.  My mommy is taking me to obedience classes and will continue training me to become a therapy dog.  I love to ride in the car and of course sleep as close to if not in my water dish.  I love to chase butterflies and moths in the yard.  Oh yeh.... I also like to try to pounce on any frog that comes my way, Mommy says bad dog when I do that though.  

I am getting my big girl teeth in now so I am looking for anything possible to chew on!  My favorite snack is a milkbone with peanut butter on it.  I have one every night before I go to bed....Oh and I can make it through the night now without having to go potty.  Mommy is so proud of me!  I can't wait to go to Canine Acres soon and see my Mommy, Daddy, brothers, sisters, and cousins.  I am so happy with my new family and my Mommy says I am so beautiful and a rich blessing!  I am not sure what that means but when she says it she hugs me tight and kisses my head so I know it must be a good.




In October of 2007 we had the most wonderful experience adopting the newest member of our family.  We arrived at Canine Acres anxious to meet Bubba.  There were so many cute fur balls to choose from, if we could have we would have taken more.  From that day on our adventure with Bubba has been full of laughs and love.  Bubba has a unique personality.  He is mellow, well mannered and gets along beautifully with any dog he comes in contact with. Bubba spends many days visiting other family dogs and joins in all of our family activities.  He interacts with people at soccer games and track meets, enjoys the beach but tends to be lazy on his daily walks.  I would definetly recommend any other family members or friends a Canine Acres Newfoundland.

The Dwyer Family



Misty Little Bear is doing great! We love her and she has adjusted to our family nicely to say the least. Misty is strong, healthy and very smart!!! We are so glad to have picked you as a breeder!!! She is so much more than we ever expected out of a companion. Misty is incredibly friendly with people and protective when she is on the property playing and roaming. She alerts us to all activity. She is very good about staying with us and likes to be near us and know where we are at all times. She insists on sleeping right in the bedroom doorway at night so if we leave she knows. She is very particular about her things, she likes to hide her toys in very secret places and she keeps track of everything she has hidden, it is especially funny when she decides that my shoe is a place to hide a chew toy. She is quite a character and has a very funny and unique personality. She uses her bark to tell us things as well, if she needs to go out she sits by the door and barks once, if she wants food or water she sits by her bowl and barks twice. If she wants me to go upstairs she goes to the stairs and goes halfway up and then barks once until I come. She loves water of course and even drinks out of a squirt bottle, when she really wants allot of water she goes to the tub, pulls the shower curtain aside and gets in the tub and waits until I come to put the water on for her, sounds spoiled, well she is!! but she spoils us back. She loves to play with our Great Pyrenees Kina Bear, they wrestle, roll in the dirt, chase each other and cuddle!! Misty will be going on her first Ocean adventure this July in Maine, we will be sure to send you photos. She loves  the snow, dirt, rain and being outdoors as much as possible. We can not express in words how happy we are to have her in our family.

Bettina and Mark




When I got word that we'd be getting Sirena I couldn't have been happier.  It was a long road for us, and we're so happy to have had Tami there to walk it with us.
  Our search for a breeder was long and emotionaly exhausting.  Once we met Tami things just fell into place.  She was easily contacted and responded to our questions quickly without hesitation.  She never seemed like it was a bother to sit and talk about the breed.
  Being firefighters we knew we wanted to work our Newf with the local Search and Rescue team.  Most breeders seemed offended with this and some would no longer speak to me after I brought it up even though it's in the Newf's nature to help.  Tami was excited.  She understood that Sirena would be doing something to benefit our community. That one of her pups would be doing good in the world.
  The day we got to see our baby girl was so exciting.  We drove 4 hours to her.  Even though Tami had offered to meet us I wanted to see where she was coming from.  What kind of love her parent's and aunts and uncles were receiving.  And most importantly what I had to look forward to.
  It was everything I expected.  Tami and Duke met us on the steps King, Tasha, and Morgan were pushing their heads through the gate to see who was there to visit.  Tami welcomed us with open arms and we anxiously walked in to see a pile of black furballs just running around having the time of their lives.
  Each of them had different faces...  it was something I had never seen before.  Their faces told their story.  What was Sirena's story?  Oh were we in for it.  She had that look.  We knew she was going to be a brute and bold. Tami had told me she was the "pistol" of the group and you could tell just by looking at her that she knew she was the princess.  We planned to make that true. After a short visit with Tami we had to say our goodbyes.  I honestly could have stayed for days.
  At 8 weeks Sirena could "sit" and "shake" at 9 weeks she was sitting shaking and "speaking".  At 10 weeks Sirena was doing all that and "laying down".  Now at 12 weeks she's added to the list of tricks " rolling over" and "playing dead" and she will take whatever we give her to whoever we tell her to in the house as well as play "fetch".  She's such a smart girl.  And very easily trained.  She's so loveable and eager to please us, it makes it so much fun teaching her.
  As time has passed Sirena became the President Township Volunteer Fire Department's mascot.  She's traveled many calls with us and each time was on her best behavior.   She rides in the trucks without any problems.  Except for the occational fight over the window seat she does just fine.
  A "KODAK moment" that will always stick in my mind is a time we had a fire call.  Sirena was with us this day because we were coming home from some errands made earlier when we got the call.  Frank was soaked and obviously tired after the fire was out.  I looked over and saw him sitting on the back of a truck with Sirena by his side.  She picked up her head, licked his face and rested on his lap. Almost as if she was saying, "I'm glad you're ok Dad".  She knows now when the pager goes off that we're going on a call.  She  gets so excited.
  It's hard to believe in 12 short weeks how much she has learned.  It's hard to believe in 12 short weeks what We've learned.
I can't wait for the next weeks and months and years to come.  Every day is an exciting adventure for us.



 Hi, my name is Sherry benyo and my family was blessed on May 16,2008, when Tami Stout helped Tasha give birth to our baby boy Titan. It seemed like forever before July 6,2008 would come till our family could pick up our little guy.
     When we arrived at Tami's house the whole family greeted us with open paws.King was the 1'st I saw at the gate.Then Tasha came out and was playing with her son. We also saw Miss Molly, Duke, Shanna,and Morgan too. I didn't have a favorite, I loved them all.
     My husband ,3 children which where 9yrs. old, 6yrs.old, and 2yrs.old and myself visited with the family for about 1 hr.When it was time to leave I felt like I was loosing members of the family.As we started on the road for our 2hr. drive home I still could not believe he was mine. And now I was on my own with one of these Gentle Giants. But I  was not going to really totally on my own I have Tami to talk to any time day or night. She always is there for me. And no advise or questions seem to be ever a bother to her. I consider myself not only getting the little boy I never had but also gaining a friend too.

    My family has also had the pleasure of meeting another special person that helps Tami and her name is Jodie. When ever Tami is busy with all of her children (dogs) Jodie is also a big help to answer any questions she could for you.
     Titan is a very smart and quick learning dog and now at about 12 weeks old he knows what quiet,sit,speak,paw,out,nice,and go to your room mean. And he is still learning every day.
     I would like to thank Canine Acres King and Tasha and also especially Tami for blessing our family with such a loving, caring, and  playful puppy. We look forward to many years of happiness with our Gentle Giant  Titan Benyo.
     And if anyone would want to consider adopting a Newfoundland I would highly recommend Canine Acres. They are not only The Home Of The Gentle Giants, they are the home of caring and devoted breeders that love their dogs very much.
                                                    Steven, Sherry Benyo





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