2008 Annual Meeting Recap

Here are just a few of the people at Connecticut College. 



Brandon Jones (BC) and Meghan Barry (Charlotte, NC) are happy to attend CANE for the first time. 

 Professor Richard Moorton (Connecticut College) welcomes CANE, opening the festivities.

Professor Eric Adler (Connecticut College) is taken by surprise by a certain stealthy photographer.

CANE mainstay and website editor Allan Wooley connected Plato's Crito and the tale of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

Professor Angeline Chiu (University of Vermont) spoke on the character of Anna (Dido's sister) and the historical Hannibal, with connections between Carthage and Rome.  

"Blood is thicker than water, even for a river goddess."

Sean Smith, winner of the most recent APA award for distinguished pre-collegiate teaching, needs to hydrate before his talk on Catullus.