Whole bread with grains

130 grs white flour all purpose
130 grs. multi grains (this have barley and oats)
but you can use others with grain
130 grs whole flour
1 1/2 teaspoon  of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
15 grs. dry yeast
2  1/2 tablespoon of vegetal oil
1 cup  and half of warm water
(I use only one cup)
you have to be if you need more
the dough will be moist and soft


In a large bowl place the different  flours
salt,sugar, oil and dry yeast,mix all and 
 add the water little by little join well with your fingers making a dough that would be soft and elastic.
Knead the dough about 6 to 7 minutes and see if is needed more water I use a cup but al depends of the flours .
Place the dough ball in a oil bowl.
Cover and let rise for an hour
Preheat  the oven about 190°c.
Place the dough in a rectangular pan and let stand 15 minutes covered. Make a cut along the dough, sprinkle with a little flour. Bake the bread for 30 minutes. Wait a couple of minutes, then unmold and cool on a wire rack.