veggie rice (microwaves)



1 cup of  white rice

200 grs frozen assorted vegetables

1,5 cup of hot water

1 tablespoon of butter

1 veggie Bouillon cube 

 garlic powder (a pinch)




Put the rice, butter and the bouillon cube in a microwaves container and put in high level by 2 minutes.

Get out of the microwave and stir and put again for two minutes more.(without lid)

Add the hot water and the veggies, salt and garlic,  stir and put with a lid at microwave by 18 minutes.

Set aside by 5 minutes inside the microwave.

When get out taste if is needed 1 minute more but normally the rice finish cook  when you set aside.

The matter of cook at microwaves is the time, all the food have a time like this.

The cook depends too about the amount you use.

When I make special food for parties nor others I always make this veggie rice.
Is nice to side many plates.