Turkey and quinoa burgers


Ingredients(6 burgers)

500 grs. grind turkey meat (or beef)

1 little onion peel in cubes

1/2 green pepper in cubes

1 garlic clove  chopped

1/2 teaspoon cumin powder

salt and peppe

1 egg

cilantro chopped

3/4 cup of quinoa al dente (boiled by minutes and strain)

1 tablespoon of flour

corn oil or other similar


In a skillet  put a little oil and fry the diced onion, paprika, garlic and comino

Cool and set aside

In a bowl place the ground turkey, add the  boiled quinoa and mix, add fried onion and egg, mix well.

Add salt and pepper.

Add  oine or two tablespoon of flour and make burgers the size you want.

To fry use  spray oil or a teaspoon of oil.

Fry on low heat turning until golden brown and ready.

You can also  baked, but you have to turn them into the middle of the process is a more slower cook..

Make your burger with  hamburger buns stuffed with avocado, lechguga orothers.

Serve hot.