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Blueberry cheescake pots

Ingredients (4 or 5 servings

200  grs.blueberry fresh or freeze

cooked with 2 tablespoon of caster sugar

for 2 or 3 minutes and cooled

9 or 10 ladyfingers cookies whizzed in a processor with 35  g

of melted butter pressed into the bottom of 4 or 5 glassed and chilled

250 grs. cream cheese (Philadelphia)

1 greek yogurt or plain yogurt (175 grs.)

2 tablespoon of double cream

3 tablespoon icing sugar

1 lemon zested and juiced

Mix the cheese cream, greek yogurt, double cream, icing sugar

lemon juice and zest together.

Mix well.

Pressed in the bottom of glasses cookies mix with butter.and make alternative

layers of cream cheese and blueberry mix in each glass and serve.