Dulce de membrillo



2 kg. of quinces

sugar (about 1 1/2 kg)
some little loaf molds



Wash and cut the quinces careful cause the center is hard  where  are the seeds .
Save some centers when cook the quinces.

If you want you can remove the skin but is not necessary I think.

In a large pot bring to boil about 15 to 20 minutes until tender but whole.
Put in a colander cooked quinces for them to get the juice or water,
 cover with a plate and put weighing up to throw the water, leave for a while.
(the liquid may be reserved is really nice)

Before to process removing the hard parts and seeds
When the fruit is ready grind in a food processor.

Place the paste in a large non stick pot and using a teacup place a sugar cup for cup of quince paste.

So if you have 5 cups of quince paste add 5 cups of sugar.

Stir well.

Cook to slow to medium heat always stirring.

(You can add butter to the bottom of pot to sont stick)

Cook by to 40 minutes until the paste have a golden color .

When you stir and see the bottom of the pot is ready.

Pour into a mold, matching, allow to cool to room temperature and cover with foie (aluminum).
Take to the fridge for about two days and unmold.
You can use to mold a loaf pan.