apricots and ricotta dessert

1 jar of apricots

3 tablespoon of apricots jam

250 ml of whipped cream

250 grams ricotta or cottage cheese

150 grams of sugar

1 teaspoon of ginger powder

mint leaves

50 grams little meringues (optative)


Grind in blender apricots with some juice that comes in the jar should be a thick texture and some pieces of apricots and need not grind all.

To this mixture add the tablespoon of jam mix and set aside.

Ina bowl whipp the heavy cream until is firm and add the sugar, and the ginger and ricotta.
(if you want add the meringue now)

Line a loaf pan with two sheets of plastic film one horizontal and the other vertical so that the sides fall.

Put the mold in layers of cream first and then one of apricots another of cream and repeat finishing with cream layer.

If you want you can marbling passing the handle of a spoon.
Fold the plastic film to cover the dessert.

Freezer for about six hours.
Once removed from the freezer to remove the plastic wrap and carefully unmold onto a plate.

Garnish with some mint leaves and chocolate.

Then store in freezer again.
To more soft put a few seconds (about 30 seg)on the microwave