Hey guys, this is Melissa or Kisa whatever you want to call me, um anyway, this is a tutorial for basic coloring. It will feature Selective Coloring, Hue/Saturation, Levels.... oh yeah all that good stuff. x) It's going to feature Sakura from CCS/CLAMP.

Go from this to this 

1. Place your image, resize do all the good works.

2. Now duplicate it twice (ctrl+j). For the first layer above the original set it to soft light with the opacity of 100% For the layer above that set it to Screen with the opacity 50%.

3. Go to layers > New adjustment layers > selective coloring and fill in:

Reds: -46, -7, 55, 0

Yellows: -60, -9, -20, 0

Cyans: 71, -13, -94, 0

Blues: 100, 29, -100, 0

Whites: -28, 3, 8, 0

Neutrals: -6, -3, -11

You should get something like this. See the difference? 

4. Make another Selective coloring layer:

Reds: -66, 13, 20, 0

Yellows: -89, -10, 39, 0

Whites: -16, 0, -16, 0

Now it should look like this.

5. Go to Layer > new adjustment layer > Hue/Saturation and up the saturation to +14. Example.

6. Go to Layer > New Adjustment layer > Levels (Don't worry about output levels, just the input levels):

RGB : 0, 1.06, 255

Red: 0, 0.66, 255

Green: 0, 1.08, 255

Blue: 0, 1.18, 255

It makes a little brighter see?

7.  Go to Layer > New Adjustment layer > Photo Filler and use Filter and in the drop box click on cyan. Make the density 25% and perserve luminosity. After you click okay, bring the opacity to 50%. Example.

8. Now take a light gray color, I used #d1d1d1and set it to darken 30%.

9. Now take a dark red color, I used #d40505 and set it to color 10%. 

10. Go to Layer > New Adjustment layer > Hue/Saturation and up the saturation to +17. Example.

11. Go to Layer > New Adjustment layer > Gradient map and I used an orangy-yellow gradient. So now poor little Sakura looks like that. xD But bring the opacity to 20%. Now we can see Sakura a little. x)

12. Waaah~ but it still looks so weird. D: So now we bring the original image, duplicate it and bring it to the top and set it to Soft Light 100%.

13. Now use a large 100px soft brush and add a light source somewhere.

14. Add some text, a brush, and you're done! 


Just remember, if you have too much stuff in a banner, it will look bad, so try to avoid using so much brushes and textures. Because the point of the banner is the image, have you noticed that? It doesn't matter what kind of brush you use or how pretty you use the texture, just make sure we can still see the image. Also another thing: simple is good, too much of one thing is bad.