Text Explanation

Requested by Flei and Halite875 xD

Okies~! Here's my second tutorial. Well it's more of a little lesson than a tutorial, so I hope you enjoy and that it isn't hard. We're going to be talking about text placement and techniques in graphics.


Okay, I know a lot of people have trouble coming to this part. Why? Well maybe it's because when we look at the list there's like 500+ choices and you don't know which one to match your mood of the graphic. Not cool. D: So keep this in mind, before you choose your font, look at your graphic and ask yourself what font fits the mood. If it's dark and lusty, should it be elegant and cursive? If it's cute and bright, should it be bubbly and stand-out? If it's simple and clean, show it be simple and clean too?? Well decide on that first. And if you can't, well just go to your defaults, the ones you're very comfortable with, and use those. What do I mean like that? Well just the simple ones. You see, it's better to use simple fonts than over-exaggurating fonts like the ones you see at dafont.com. If it's messy like that, well the whole thing looks messy. You don't have to download as many fonts as you can, the default ones will do just fine. Here are some good ones that can go well almost any graphic mood:



Take a look at your graphic for a little bit and think about where you should place it. You should remember that you should not put your text in front of the subject of your graphic because you're covering it. Place it somewhere where there's room of emptiness. Like for example:

See how the text is far away from the subject and not in front of her? It makes the subject stand out and the text as the backup or "extra." There are also times when you can "outline" your text with another object that's in your graphic.

As you can see, the text is kind of "outlining" the cloud there. It makes graphics more interesting and it shows that you have talent. To do this, you just right click and click on free transform. I've seen graphics where they outline the text around the subject and that is very time consuming. You can try that, but it will take awhile. xD


If you have a quote that seems too long or a short sweet title that you want to spice things up a bit, try this. Instead of having just the same size and same alignment all the time, try playing with the sizes. I'm going to be using a quote from a song using Georgia font "Trust You" by Yuna Ito: "I love you, I trust you." And for the short title, I'll use "Vocaloid." (honestly, why is everyone obsessing over vocaloids nowadays? D:) 

Okay see how the text looks boring right now? You can change this by simply changing it to italics and spacing between the emphasis of the whole quote. In this case "love" and "trust" is the whole reason of the quote. 

It's still kind of plain and simple, but it's a lot better than the first one no? You can also bring emphasis out by the size. Like this (I'm just going to do "I love you" because a quote in this small banner is too hard xD):

Lots of emphasis! =O Now you can also change the font here and this time, we can make it curvy and elegant. I used Scriptina.

See the emphasis? So decide how you're going to do this, but especially decide what's the big idea of your quote. What is that you want people to see when they first look at the graphic?


Now for the title, I chose "Vocaloid." (>>) 

Booooorrrrriiiinnnngggg. >: Let's make it more interesting! hmm how about just changing the size of the "V?" 

Hint: Instead of just changing the size in the same layer, do it on another layer. That's what I did for this one, I did the "V" in one layer and the "ocaloid" in another. You can also change the place around with "ocaloid" like this:

And of course, we can always change to another font with just the "V." I'm going to use Scriptina again:



  • If you can't think of a color for your text, always try to use white. It seems like whenever you're stuck on a color to use, use white, it will always come through after that. If the graphic is too bright NEVER USE BLACK (unless if it really really needs to like a black and white graphic). Instead use the color picker tool and pick on a "not too dark, but at least it's bright and pleasing to look at" color somewhere on your graphic. Examples:

  • If you have a really really really  long quote, try using this method. I call it the stacking method. xD;; Anyway the quote I'm going to be using is "i want to follow you wherever you go." Which is pretty long imo >>. Anyway, instead of putting it in a straight line, I put it under like another sentence. Be careful here though. It's better to use this in different layers. This is what it looks like with one layer:


    This is what it looks like with two layers:

   See how it's pretty close together? It's because I used two layers, the first one is "i want to follow you" and the second one is "wherever you go." You can also try to change the size to make it fit too like this:

   I used "i want to follow you" in size 18 and "wherever you go" in size 22. 


  • You've seen those graphics where the text has a box behind it right? Well let me give you a tip before you do anything. Make the box after you write your text why? Because the smaller the box, the better it looks. Does that make sense? The text is supposed to stand out, that's why the box is there. Also to make it, use the marquee tool and fill it with a paint bucket. Examples:

  • For more help, go to window > character and a new window on Photoshop should pop up with text stuff. Keep this while you're making graphics because this will come in handy. 
  •  Italics and sizing isn't always going to be there to help you either. Be creative! Use multiple layer copies and make them fade! Use the stroke! Use outer glow! Do whatever you think is going to look good by experimenting with text.

If you have anymore questions, please let me know by PM or MSN.