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Welcome to the Can-Do Canine Centre

By using a common sense approach to dog training, Can-Do Canine Centre helps you understand your dog’s behaviour. We teach you how to shape your dog’s behaviour to become a well-mannered member of your family.
All dogs need training. Seven-week-old puppies do not know that it is unacceptable to nip at your hands, chew your shoes or pee on the carpet. Older dogs also need to learn what is and isn’t acceptable and to know their place in "their pack". Our goal is to educate you so you can train your dog.
We teach you:
  • to understand how dogs perceive their environment and their role in the family.
  • which behaviours to reward and which behaviours to deter.
  • to apply this knowledge in a manner that will be efficient, practical and easily understood by the dog.

Puppy Classes

The Puppy (ages 7 wk. to 16 wk.) Classes cover the same general training as beginners. However, we also work on socializing and shaping you puppy’s behavior as he develops and discuss the changes in behavior that can be expected at different ages. Many behaviors are age related. Therefore, we prefer to separate puppies from half grown dogs, although we aim to achieve the same level of training from Beginner Classes and Puppy Classes.

Beginners Classes

In the Beginners Classes, we teach you how to teach your dog how to:

  • Sit
  • Down ("Lay Down"),
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Walk on a Loose Leash
  • Accept Other Dogs.

Our instructors will also answer questions on how to correct and prevent such behavior as House Soiling, Chewing on Clothing or Furniture, Nipping, Barking, Jumping up on People, and other undesirable behaviors.



Advanced Classes

Once you have completed either the Beginner or Puppy Classes you can - if you wish - progress further. We teach competitive obedience levels from Novice through to Utility Level. You do not have to want to compete to attend these classes. Many people continue because the dogs enjoy it, and it is fun and rewarding. (A dog that retrieves can pick up things you have dropped).

  • As you progress through the levels we teach you how to train your dog to:
  • Walk off leash beside you
  • Stand on command (veterinarians love this command),
  • Retrieving,
  • Jumping on command,
  • Hand signals,
  • Scent discrimination and
  • All of the other skills required for competitive obedience.

Dogs that cannot compete in CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Sanctioned Obedience Matches can compete in Fun or Correction Matches. The dogs and handlers are marked on the same items as they would be in CKC trials.

Advanced Classes include:

  • Novice Classes
  • Open Classes
  • Utility Classes