Interviewer: So, tell me about your business- what do you do and how did you get started?

Candice's Consulting: Thanks for your interest - I'd be happy to :). Since graduating in 2009 from the M.Sc. Human Kinetics program at the University of Ottawa, I've ventured out of the research lab to bring evidence-based best-practices into local communities, fitness centres, workplaces, parks and homes.  Towards the end of my thesis writing, I noticed that most of the research on chronic disease and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle was sooo dry, but full of important information - yet the good stuff wasn't getting to the front line- to the people who need to know the facts! My business was born out of a love of exercise and science, the identification of knowledge gaps in our health and education systems, and a unique skill set that has enabled me to fill those gaps.  From a practical standpoint, this means I create and deliver fitness and rehabilitation programs, provide health education services to individuals and corporations, and help people to access available wellness resources in order to improve and maintain a healthy, happy quality of life.  

Interviewer: Wow! That seems like you're a wellspring of information- so is there anything you don't do? 

Candice's Consulting: Hahaha! Well I don't diagnose injuries or prescribe medication, but I sure can suggest which professionals to go to! Most of these resources are colleagues in my network who share a mutual respect for evidence based research and the specific expertise we each possess.  For example, a friend or client may ask me what to do about a sore back. While I have extensive experience in back rehabilitation, I am vary careful to stay within my scope of practice, asking if they have had an official diagnosis of some sort from a physiotherapist, doctor, or other regulated health care professional before offering a solution or agreeing to take them on as a client. I don't beat around the bush either- if I think I can help someone by telling them something they may not want to hear, it's just gonna come right out! 

Interviewer: How refreshing! So tell me, what got you into this line of work? 

Candice's Consulting: Thanks! I just treat others how I'd like to be treated, ya know? Let's see... How did I get into fitness and health you ask? Ever since I can remember, I've witnessed, felt, and benefited from the fruits of an active and healthy lifestyle.  From tagging along with my mom to aerobics classes in my pre-school days, to getting my first personal trainer at the YMCA at age 14, and learning to prepare healthy food to support my varsity sports career, I feel like this is something I naturally evolved to do as a profession.  Once I realized this was my calling, I worked hard to become a certified Exercise Physiologist as of May 2006. 

Interviewer: Tell us about where your passions and experiences have taken you.  What kind of adventures have you had in your career and what do you hope to contribute to society through your business?

Candice's Consulting: Geographically, I've attended yoga teacher trainings in Mexico, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and California, presented my research all over the east coast from Toronto to Baltimore, and even took a contract as a kinesiologist at an occupational health clinic in Thompson, Manitoba!  In terms of experience variety, I have had the pleasure of working in human and environmental research laboratories, not-for profit organizations, fitness centres, health clinics, industrial work sites, and private homes.  Personally, I have been challenged to adapt and learn how to work outside of my comfort zone to communicate ideas in various ways, and tailor information to specific audiences so that I have a better chance of being heard and understood; At the end of the day, aside from striving to inspire others with my own habits and life choices, I have found that providing the right information at the right time, in the right way, is what causes change in people's behaviours. Which is the key to a healthier world!  I think every job I've had has been an adventure of some sort!  I have been teaching a variety of classes from aerobics to weight lifting, Pilates, running, cycling, rugby, swimming, yoga, and aquatic exercise for a range of 3-14 years. Through this personal business adventure, I aim to show individuals that they are worth the effort!  Take a few minutes to read this article.. and then click the back button on your browser!   

Interviewer: How can readers find out more about your services? 

Candice's Consulting: That's easy! Click on any tab at the top of my website that has the word 'services' or 'packages' in it.  Anyone can contact me regarding consulting and personal training services via email at

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