I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Northeastern University and the Associate Director of the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program. Before joining Northeastern, I was Assistant Professor at the Clemson University Department of Philosophy and Religion and the Director of the Law, Liberty, and Justice Program, which is the pre-law track of the Philosophy major. I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University in 2012 and my M.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University. I also earned a Master 2 in Ethics and Politics from Université Paris IV Sorbonne, and a B.A. (Licence and Maitrise) from Université Paris X Nanterre.

I specialize in ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of law, and my areas of competence are in bioethics and feminist theory. In my research, I am broadly concerned with the grounds and limits of political authority, especially under conditions of injustice--or what you might call the 'real world'--and what these entail for political responsibility. I am also interested in neuroethics, business ethics, and cyber ethics.

This Fall (2015) I teach Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1101) and Moral and Social Problems in Healthcare (PHIL 1165). You can go here to find my course syllabi and a guide for my students, Philosophy for Beginners. Next Spring (2016), I won't be teaching; instead I'll be working full-time on my book, Duty to Disobey

I was born in Cannes and grew up in Cagnes-sur-mer, a little town outside Nice, France, known among other things for its medieval castleAuguste Renoir's home, and its world championship of "boules carrées" which is a game of pétanque with cubes (or "square balls" as the Cagnois, with their penchant for oxymoron, call them).

I am not on Facebook, but I am on Academia.

Contact: c.delmas@neu.edu 

A passion fruit flower (Saint-Paul-de-Vence, September 2011)
a passion fruit flower, Saint-Paul-de-Vence
                                                                                                            Me (Paris, July 2013)