I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Northeastern University and the Associate Director of the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program. In 2016-17, I will be a Dworkin-Balzan Fellow at the New York University School of Law Center for Law and Philosophy

Before joining Northeastern, I was an Assistant Professor at Clemson University. I received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University, a M.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University, a Master 2 in Ethics and Politics from Université Paris IV Sorbonne, and a B.A. (Licence and Maîtrise) from Université Paris X Nanterre.

I specialize in ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of law, and my areas of competence are in bioethics, neuroethics, and feminist theory. My primary research is on citizens' moral obligations under conditions of injustice--or what you might call the 'real world'. I defend the existence of moral duties to resist injustice, including through civil disobedience, and I have begun to explore other forms of resistance, such as government whistleblowing and hacktivism. I have also been working on the neuroethics of sexual re-orientation

Every semester starting in the Fall 2017, I'll be teaching one course in Political Science and one course in Philosophy. Until then, I am working full-time on my book, Duty to DisobeyYou can go here to find my course syllabi and a guide for my students, Philosophy for Beginners

a passion fruit flower, Saint-Paul-de-Vence
I was born in Cannes and grew up in Cagnes-sur-mer, a little town outside Nice, France, known among other things for its medieval castleAuguste Renoir's home, and its world championship of "boules carrées" which is a game of pétanque with cubes (or "square balls" as the Cagnois, with their penchant for oxymoron, call them). On the left is a passion fruit flower, which grows wild in the South of France. 

Here in Massachusetts, I love running with my dog (around this pond), swimming (across that pond), playing squash, cooking up storms, mixing cocktails or sipping wine, listening to audiobooks, complaining about the weather, and feeling incredibly lucky to be paid for doing what I love. I am also a happy (and busy) mother of twin toddlers.

Contact: c.delmas@neu.edu