I am an Assistant Professor at the Clemson University Department of Philosophy and Religion and the Director of the Law, Liberty, and Justice Program. I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University in 2012.  Before that, I earned an M.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University, a Master 2 in Ethics and Politics from Université Paris IV Sorbonne, and a B.A. from Université Paris X Nanterre.

I specialize in philosophy of law, ethics, and social and political philosophy (including from a feminist perspective).  In my research, I am broadly interested in the grounds and limits of political authority, especially under conditions of injustice (or what you might call the 'real world'), and what these entail for political responsibility.  My areas of competence are in metaethics and applied ethics (esp. bioethics and business ethics). 

This semester (Spring 2014), I teach Philosophy of Law and Social and Political Philosophy.  In the Fall, I'll be teaching a seminar on Feminist Philosophy.

On the evenings after I teach, there are few things I do better than watching 30 Rock and Louie.  With the rest of my (not too abundant) free time, I like to swim, run, do yoga, and cook up storms (experiments in Southern cuisine have gone well, according to my husband).   

I am originally from Cagnes-sur-mer, a little town near Nice, France.  

I am not on Facebook, but I am on Academia.

Contact: cdelmas@clemson.edu.  

A passion fruit flower (Saint-Paul-de-Vence, September 2011)
a passion fruit flower, Saint-Paul-de-Vence
                                                                                                            Me (Paris, July 2013)