About the Groom

William John Corbett II

Will was delivered to his mother and father, Catherine and Michael, in a Christmas stocking, on December 24, 1981 in La Grange, Georgia. Shortly there after the Corbetts, just a family of 3 at the time, left to live in New Jersey. Not long after the move, Will became an older brother, to Carolyn. 

Just in time for middle school, Will and his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where Will completed High School. Will was accepted to numerous decorated universities, and ended up being attracted to the allure of New York city, and attended NYU where he studied Art History and Economics. It was during his time as a senior that Will begun his internship at Scratch DJ Academy. Little did he know that an internship there would end up shaping the first six years of his careers, and also introduce him to his future wife.

Will currently runs the NYU Athletics Department at Coles Sports Center. In his spare time, Will volunteers weekly as a Senior Coordinator for New York Cares, tutoring youth in SAT preparation. Influenced by his mother's passion for landscape design, Will also enjoys "apartment" gardening. Will is an avid music lover, and spends a great amount of time searching for rare albums, and finding new genres of music to explore. He is "dad" to two cats, Jones and Grayson, and lives in Brooklyn with his lovely fiancé. Will is currently an MBA hopeful, and plans to start a full-time program in Fall 2012.