Meet the Bride

Candice Rose Clarke

Candice Rose Clarke was born on May 4, 1980 in Oceanside, California on Camp Pendleton Naval Base, to mother and father, Jean and Howard, and older sister, Irma. Candice was the first of the Clarke brood born on US soil, as Dad was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and both Mom and sister were born in Quezon City, Philippines. 

Howard, better known as "Major Clarke" or "The Major" is a retired officer in the United States Marine Corps, with just over 25 years of service. Being a dependent to a decorated officer, Candice found herself growing up moving between the Philippines and Japan, before the family returned back to California in 1991. Candice was fortunate to be in Irvine, California for all four years of high school, graduating from Woodbridge High School in 1998 with an emphasis in Theater Arts and Video Production. After years as a southern California girl, Candice packed up and moved up north to attend college at the University of California in Santa Cruz. Honing in on her years of performing in the Theater Arts, Candice was very involved with community theater and non-profit organizing. After a field study in Melbourne, Australia, Candice returned with a thesis, graduating a year earlier than expected. 

Continuing her love of working with non-profit organizations, Candice moved to Los Angeles and worked for non-profit organizations till the opportunity to help develop a new school was presented to her. After helping conceptualize the idea of a DJ school, Candice took a leap of faith and helped launch Scratch DJ Academy, Los Angeles. Little did she know that the school would lead her to the love of her life.

Years later, Candice left Scratch to begin her own consulting company, specializing in  marketing projects and events in niche markets. Candice has been honing in on her love for organizing events, and ultimately hopes to open up a storefront. 

Candice now lives in New York with her two adopted cats, Jones and Grayson. She enjoys endurance training, and has one marathon and three half-marathons under her belt (including one on the Great Wall of China). She also enjoys traveling, yoga, cooking, painting, and working on art projects.