A DJ didn't save our life, but the DJ did bring us together..

Our Story
Candice and Will

Candice and Will met in 2004, about the same time the pair started working for Scratch DJ Academy. Candice was apart of the Los Angeles based team that was launching the first satellite school (founded by the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC), and Will was an intern at the New York school. While Candice and Will spoke over the phone and email on a regular basis (work related only), they rarely saw each other over the years. Candice eventually left the company, but maintained a working relationship with Scratch. On one chance afternoon in 2010, Candice visited the Los Angeles Scratch school to pick up equipment, when she was approached by a familiar face. Will was doing a site visit in Los Angeles, and ran into Candice. Both instantly felt something for each other. Uncertain what to do with their curiosity for each other (now on a more personal level), the pair found themselves on four or sometimes five hour phone conversations after Will returned home to New York. Just weeks later, Candice visited New York, and instantly knew she found someone special. Not long after that, it was apparent to the pair that while a long distance relationship was not ideal, there was simply no other choice - they were falling in love. After a year of flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, the two knew a decision had to be made about the future of their relationship. Candice decided the best option would be for her to make the move to New York. Following an adventurous trip to Beijing and Tibet, Candice flew directly to her new home in New York. Just two days later, Will invited Candice to indulge in her love for photography and meet her at the Brooklyn Bridge to take photos of bridge, something Candice had been dying to do. Just after crossing over the midpoint of the bridge, Will turned to Candice and professed his thanks for her faith in him and their relationship to make such a big move across the country. Just seconds after, he dropped to his knee and asked Candice to marry him. Completely shocked and overwhelmed with happiness, Candice said yes! Tourists helped capture the moment thanks to the camera Will had suggested Candice bring. The two now live together in Brooklyn with their two cats, Jones and Grayson.