About me

CV in a few lines:

Currently I am a Research Fellow (postdoc) at the University of Warwick -- Department of Statistics.

In line with the strategic alliance between the University of Warwick and Queen Mary University of London, I co-organized a Open-Problem Workshop for more than 20 participants. This took place in Moreton in Marsh, from the 7th to the 10th of July, 2014.

From September 2012 until August 2013 I was a Research Fellow (postdoc) in the School of Mathematics, at the University of Birmingham (UK), working with Nikolaos Fountoulakis on properties of random geometric graphs on hyperbolic spaces.

I got my PhD in Technical Mathematics at the TUGraz (Graz University of Technology), under the supervision of Wolfgang Woess (July 2012).
The title of my PhD thesis is Limit Behaviors for Random Walks and Branching Random Walks on some Products of Groups.

I got my master degree (mathematics) in 2008 at the University of Turin (Italy), advised by Wolfgang Woess and Laura Sacerdote.
My bachelor thesis was advised by Paolo Cermelli, and I got my bachelor degree at the University of Turin in 2006.

Current Teaching Duties:

Jan.-Mar. 2015, Term 2: I am teaching the module "Stein-Chen method for Poisson approximations" as part of the course "ST414 Advanced Topics in Statistics".
The lecture notes of the course can be found at the following webpage:

Awarded Research Funding:

 - In 2010 I was awarded a prestigious grant to support my PhD studies (a DOC-fFORTE fellowship) by the ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences), for which the success rate was about 30%.  
Amount of the grant: 60,000 Euro (Started: April 1, 2010, ended: August 31, 2012).

 - In 2010 I was awarded 10,000 Euro by the Austrian Science Fund to use for research visits and traveling purposes.

 - In November 2010 the travel expenses of my research visit to Switzerland were covered by a Short visit grant, awarded by the ESF (European Science Foundation) within the project ''Random Geometry of Large Interacting Systems and Statistical Physics (RGLIS)''. Amount of the grant: about 1,000 Euro.

 - In November 2008, before the start of my PhD, I was awarded a short term research grant (Forschungsstipendium) by the Büro für Forschung und Technologie, TU Graz. Amount of the grant: about 3,000 Euro.

Journals and Conferences refereed: 
I have served as referee for several international highly-recognized journals.
Moreover, I have refereed papers for the (25th International Conference on Probabilistic, Combinatorial and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of AlgorithmsAofA 2014.
I am also a member of the MR reviewers, for the American Mathematical Society (AMS). 

Mathematical Interests:
There are several areas of Mathematics I am interested in:
 - Markov chains on infinite groups;
 - Branching processes;
 - Martin boundaries;
 - Random graphs;
 - Internal aggregation models;
 - Several types of "products" of groups, e.g., free products, Cartesian products, zig-zag products...