INDIAN SUBCONTINENT- 2006, 2005: India, Nepal

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The gate to Jaipur's old city


The city of Jaisalmer

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I travelled in India in 2005 and again in 2006. The first time was on a journey from the sea overland across Northern India with Stubbs; the second time I stayed primarily in the south with jaunts in Bombay and the Rajastan desert.

This is a photograph taken from a bicycle rickshaw (one of the best ways to take photographs in India) in the streets of Jaipur.

Snake charmer.

The following are articles, stories, and papers that I have written while living and travelling in India:

Seekers of Refuge in a Land of No Return:
Conversations with Tibetan Refugees in Bylakuppe, Karnataka, India. November, 2006.

A Respectable Developement? The Tribals of Arunachal Pradesh: Then and Now. A full length study of the tribal population of the Arunachal Pradesh region of Northeastern India in a historical context.

A Visit to a South Indian Archaeological Site: A head first jump into the folk lexicon of village Karnataka. Thus being a record to a visit to an archaeological site in Southern India with the esteemed folklorist, Professor M. Byregowa.

What is the Good of That? And other reasons why I cannot stomach the faith of commerce. This is an article that I wrote about the neo-corporatization of India while living in Bangalore.

Sitting With the Masters: Talks, abservations, and anecdotes from a day with a family of master carvers in the Rajastan.

"Smoke is an Indication of Work . . . Therefore We are Proud of Our Smoke:" Reactions to the thoughtless aquisition and utilization of introduced technology in Southern India.

The New World Looks Ahead, Not Back: The elderly left behind with their times in the new India.

Overseas Chinese in India: Two case studies. Documentation from two meetings with representitives of the Chinese community in India. Discussion focused around the history and formation of India's Overseas Chinese communities, as well as the role that the Chinese play in today's rapidly changing India.

This is a Tibetan monk in a morning debate session in the refugee camp in Bylakuppe in Karnataka province in Southern India.



Photograph from the Muslim Holy City of Adjmer.