CHINA- 2007, 2006, 2005

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Tai Shan, the holiest mountain in China.

Hitching across China with Loren Everly

Finding my long lost brethern in a park.

The Chinese tourist- a breed all their own.
News, Oddities, and Links: 
The Great Wheel of China. Beijing plans on building the worlds biggest ferris wheel. It should be bigger than both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. They have always liked big things in China and the Beijing Great Wheel is a tip of the hat to the same old glory days of the Great Wall. 

I have felt myself beaconed to China nearly continuously for the years of 2005-07. I cannot explain this attraction. I just love this country, which is my favorite in the world. you can walk down any street in China and find things to laugh about the entire time. A great country for walking and hitchhiking!

The following are some articles, stories, and research papers that I have written while living and travelling in China:

Yang Sheng: The Root of Health Cultivation. A research paper on the ancient Chinese practice of cultivating wellness.

Qi:The Essential Essence of Essence. The product of a brief investigation into the Chinese idea of "Qi," and its role in medicine.

The Dispersal of Language in China, and the Creation of Standard Mandarin. This is the product of an investigation into the roots of the Chinese language.

In Search of a Hermit and Not Finding Him: Up Cold Mountain Path. An article about searching for Han Shan in the Tian Tai mountains of Southeastern China.

Hitching Across China. Tales of a hitch hiking journey from Mongolia across the Middle Kingdom.  

Market scene in Tai'An

This photo was taken from the house that the Dali Lama grew up in.

New Years celebration on a mountain outside of Hangzhou.