The Cancer Smashers

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 is a group of kids that have all been touched by the horrible disease, cancer, in one way or another. They have lost family, friends, and other loved ones to this disease and they have become motivated to actually DO something about it.

Kids made up of the ages 10 to 17 years old, volunteered at the H Foundation's Goombay Bash which raises money for cancer research for your Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. Many of them are in their fourth and fifth year of volunteering (some even more)!  They were so inspired by the excitement of the event, and the power one volunteer can do for a cause that they decided to form their very own group. They call themselves the CANCER SMASHERS!

Cancer Smashers meet regularly and have come up with some fantastic ideas to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. The community and schools are buzzing with excitement!

In a time where we are seeing fewer and fewer people volunteering their time because everyone is so busy, It is refreshing to be involved with a group of selfless people and at such a young age. The fact that they are children, is even more rewarding!



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Buy a Fist for a $1 - Tell Us Who You're Smashing Cancer For!  

Last year's $1 fists fundraised a total of over $23,000!