Hi. My name is Gary.
 2/27/2010 I was diagnosed with my 2nd round of cancer. After 4 months of chemotherapy, the cancer was gone. Three weeks later, the cancer was already back.  My doctor said there was nothing else that could be done.  He sugested I go to the Chicago Cancer Center to see if they could do anything else. They couldn't and they gave me 4-6 weeks to live. My doctor in Urbana gave me less than two months. He then talked me into going to Indianapolis to the cancer center there. The doctor  there invented the cure for my kind of cancer. He gave me a 40% chance to live with high dose chemo, and a bonemarrow &stemcell transplant. Being a single father of 2 little girls, for 10 yrs I went for it!. I am now considered cancer free!!! All the cancer research saved my life.  Now, I want to give back!!!
We as people are being taken over by Cancer. I believe we need to stop Cancer before it starts. That is through diet and fitness. A male has a 79% chance of getting cancer before 40. A male professional athlete is a lot less. I believe there is an answer there. My heart is determind to start running cancer out of our lives!!! And it starts now.   Our Mission is to raise funds for cancer awareness in our schools and dontaions for the American Cancer Society.

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