Chocolate Cookies Recipe For Kids. Good Fat Cookbook.

Chocolate Cookies Recipe For Kids

chocolate cookies recipe for kids
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    for kids
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Doubletree chocolate chip cookie Hotel
Doubletree chocolate chip cookie Hotel
Across America, Doubletree gives out approximately 29,000 chocolate chip cookies each day. That's more than 10,500,000 each year! Doubletree began giving out chocolate chip cookies in the early 1980s, when many properties across the country used them as treats for VIPs. In 1995, Doubletree enlisted the services of Nashville-based Christie Cookie Company to hold the brand's secret recipe, which ensures that the same, delicious cookie is delivered consistently at every Doubletree property. Every Doubletree chocolate chip cookie is baked fresh daily at each property. Each cookie weighs a hearty 2 ? ounces and has an average of 20 chocolate chips. The Christie Cookie Company uses more than 580,000 pounds of chocolate chips each year for Doubletree's cookies. In June 2002, Doubletree gave its 100,000,000th cookie! To date, more than 125,000,000 cookies have been served to delighted guests and customers During the past three years, children participating in Doubletree's Teaching Kids to CARE community outreach program have donated more than 750,000 chocolate chip cookies to people ranging from doctors and nurses, police and firefighters, to non-profit groups such as orphanages, food banks and homeless shelters. to order :
26th October - perfect playdate food
26th October - perfect playdate food
I'd been meaning to try out this cookie recipe for a while and was pleasantly surprised with how it worked. The dough was pretty easy to make - I did it while the kids were watching beebies this morning but might let them join in next time. The mixture then chills in the fridge for up to a couple of days - so after lunch with Sarah, Freya and Esme, we let the kids make a couple of cookies each (give them a dollop of cookie dough, they roll it into a ball, roll in a bowl of icing sugar and then flatten on a baking sheet). The resulting brownie/cookies were delicious and the other half of the mixture will be enjoyed later in the week.

chocolate cookies recipe for kids
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