Project Summary

The main principle of the experiment was to examine if anti-cancer agents decrease the germination and protein content in the experimental seeds, which include mung beans (Vigna radiata), black chick peas (Cicer arietinum), and wheat germs (Triticum aestivum). 


This assumption is due to the differential effects of turmeric on germination and protein content when turmeric (Curcuma longa) extract or turmeric powder is combined with other anti-cancer compounds. The mass and the length of their sprouts will vary by the combinations created using turmeric and other anti-cancer agents, including cumin (Nigella sativa), pepper (Piper nigrum), ginger (Zingiber officinale), and hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and beet (Beta vulgaris).  During germination, there is often a high level of water absorption by the seeds if they are soaked in tap water; therefore, germination in tap water was used as a control.


Independent Variables:  the impact of anti-cancer agent(s)
The anti-cancer agent combinations

The pH level of the anti-cancer compounds

Control Group:  Seeds soaked in tap water
Experimental Group:  Seeds soaked in anti-cancer compound(s)

Dependent Variables: the germination of the seeds (difference between control and experimental groups)

The percentage of germination
The sprout length
The protein content
The mass of the sprouts
I measured the growth of control and experimental seeds through the in vitro germination of the seeds.  Second, the length of sprout for 20 seeds was measured.  Third, the mass of the spouts and protein content were measured by taking the 20 measured sprouts to a laboratory at the UCI.  Assistance was sought from lab scientists at Dr. Vazari’s lab. 
I found that the anti-cancer agents inhibited growth of black chick peas successfully by inhibiting the growth, mainly affecting the percentage of germination and sprout length.  When I tested my hypotheses using One-way ANOVA, I found a difference between the control and experimental seeds (using black chick peas) confirming that I have partially succeeded in my experimental goal.


YouTube Video: Cancer Busters


Project Summary
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